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Wild Bird Scoop Blog takes you away to the intriguing world of bird watching through bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and so much more, in your backyard habitat. You will find lots of interesting info about this great hobby.

Bird Feeding Problems

Bird feeding problems can be hair raising at times, but they can be handled by understanding the facts. Find tips here for solving backyard problems.

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Hummingbird Information

Hummingbird information about their habitat and habit is fascinating. Hummingbird habitat is diverse and covers a huge range. Their territory includes most of the Western Hemisphere in fact

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Hummingbird Feeder

A hummingbird feeder can be one of the most rewarding wild bird feeders to have in a backyard for bird watching. The rewards far out weigh the effort.

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Keeping Hummingbird Nectar From Freezing

Keeping hummingbird nectar from freezing with the great methods described here.

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Birding Software Review

This is the most valuable birding software review you will ever use and the best software you will ever purchase.

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Hummingbird Plants

Hummingbird plants and flowers if they are indigenous will provide abundant nectar for your Hummingbirds and placing feeders beside them will easily attract Hummers.

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Wild Birds

Wild birds are amazing to watch; their beauty and interesting behaviour make you feel good. Learn about and how to attract them to your backyard with bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and more.

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Dead Trees

Dead trees at every stage of the decaying process provide a variety of life giving life sustaining benefits to forest wildlife. These snags or tree trunks make perfect bird houses.

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Nesting Habits

Nesting habits vary a great deal in the bird world. Wild birds prepare for and raise their baby birds in many different ways. Some birds are solitary in their method and others are communal.

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Attracting Backyard Birds

Attracting backyard birds with bird feeders is one way to get birds in your backyard. But are there other ways?

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How to Build a Bird House

How to build a bird house that will actually be used requires a little knowledge. There are a few things that will be important to know, to successfully attract birds to use a bird house.

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Bird Baths

Bird Baths in a garden are like peanut butter and jelly. One is still good without the other but both are greatly enhanced when partnered together.

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Wild Bird Feeders

Wild bird feeders, what types should be in your garden? To attract many different birds to your backyard serve different types of seed and learn which style of feeder to use.

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Suet Bird Feeders

Suet bird feeders will attract birds that will not come to other types of feeders. Suet offers energy-rich nutrition for winter weather and busy spring activities.

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Hummingbird FAQ

Hummingbird FAQ will answer all your questions about these fascinating little birds. Questions about their food, migration or any other question you may have.

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