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Wild Bird Blog

Wild Bird Scoop Blog takes you away to the intriguing world of bird watching through bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and so much more, in your backyard habitat. You will find lots of interesting info about this great hobby.

Starlings and Blackbirds

European Starlings and Blackbirds are the main bully birds at most backyard bird feeders. There are many ways to deal with them to release your feeders for songbirds.

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Hummingbird Feeder Nectar

Hummingbird feeder nectar can attract unwelcome guests. The other species of wild birds that are attracted to Hummingbird food are welcome visitors. But other creatures...

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hummingbird feeder wars

Hummingbird feeder wars have been witnessed for thousands of years. Removing this behavior will not be possible but minimizing the terror at feeders is doable.

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Wild Birds

Wild birds are amazing to watch; their beauty and interesting behaviour make you feel good. Learn about and how to attract them to your backyard with bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and more.

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Should We Take Our Feeders Down In The Autumn

Should we take our feeders down in the autumn. We are afraid that if we leave them out then the birds won't fly south. Is this true

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Summer Bird Feeding

Summer bird feeding in your backyard is very rewarding, both for you and the wild birds. It is only for our pleasure and curiosity that we draw them to our yards with bird feeders.

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Full Fledge

Full fledge Goldfinch youth leave their nest after 5 weeks of incubating and rapid growth to fully grown songbirds.

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Goldfinch: nest to full fledge youth is a story in video that everyone with an interest in songbirds will definitely want to view.

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Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron nest is built together with the male and female participating together to raise their young to full fledge.

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birch tree

The birch tree has a story to tell of how, it and wild birds, particularly woodpeckers, helped humans to discover a valuable food source.

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How to Care for Baby Birds?

I have a robin that has nested and hatched 3 babies in my garage. Mom was in there constantly or when she wasn't she was right near the garage. I haven't

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Birds Hitting Windows

Birds hitting windows is most often caused by the windows reflecting the scene opposite them, trees and sky, but there are ways to stop it.

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Bird Feeder Mess

Bird feeder mess: What can you do about the bird seed building up under your bird feeder from the wild birds dropping it? I can help.

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Feeding Finches

Feeding finches, like Goldfinches, House Finches and Purple Finches is easy using nyjer seed or a mixed seed especially blended for finches. Learn more here and enjoy.

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Birding Binoculars

How to choose birding binoculars is an important decision. There are a lot of considerations to be explored when selectinging the best binoculars for your wild bird watching pleasure.

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