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Wild Bird Scoop Blog takes you away to the intriguing world of bird watching through bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and so much more, in your backyard habitat. You will find lots of interesting info about this great hobby.

Wild Birds Facebook

Wild birds facebook can be enjoyed by everyone and we hope you will share your photos.

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Attracting Hummingbirds

Attracting Hummingbirds to your yard will take some effort and patience. However, it will be an endeavour that will be well rewarded with many thrilling moments.

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Migration Flyways

Migration flyways, do you live on one? Lets have a look at your proximity to these avian pathways throughout the world.

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Wild Birds

Wild birds are amazing to watch; their beauty and interesting behaviour make you feel good. Learn about and how to attract them to your backyard with bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and more.

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Hummingbird Food

Hummingbird food is a very simple syrup solution. You can mix your own homemade recipe that will attract hummers for backyard bird watching.

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Bird Feeders FAQ

Bird feeders FAQ with lots of great wild bird info. Read what other backyard birders are asking about and what others have to say to help them.

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Where Do My Birds Go In Winter

Where do my birds go in winter. I put up a feeder and there are no wild birds. These are commonly asked questions. Let’s find the answers.

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Autumn Bird Feeding

Autumn bird feeding in your backyard is very important. All wild birds whether they migrate or not, are preparing for changing weather by stocking up on energy by eating as much as they can.

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Hummingbird FAQ

Hummingbird FAQ will answer all your questions about these fascinating little birds. Questions about their food, migration or any other question you may have.

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Bird House

A bird house will greatly enhance your backyard birding experience. It may allow you to view the wonders of baby birds growing to full fledge.

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Roosting Boxes

Roosting boxes provide wild birds with shelter from cold, wind and stormy weather.

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Ground Birdfeeder

A man-made ground birdfeeder has some distinct advantages to just tossing seed on the ground. Put a roof over the seed table made from window screen and legs not more than a foot high and enjoy.

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Where to Place Bird Feeders

Question- Where to Place Bird Feeders? We are completely new to bird feeding, but we have a wonderful opportunity to do so in our new home. We have

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Hummingbirds Emptying Feeder Too Fast

What Can Be Done About Hummingbirds Emptying Feeder Too Fast? I have a Hummingbird feeder in my backyard. I believe that I am currently feeding at least

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Compact Binoculars

Compact binoculars with their high-quality optics offer excellent edge-to-edge contrast and sharpness. Read this enlightening review.

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