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Bird feeders quiz can help you learn to attract backyard birds.

Sounds simple enough.

But is there more to know about successfully luring wild birds to our feeders as they are flying by our yards?

A variety of feathered friends can be drawn to a well designed bird habitat in our backyards.

Water, housing, safe perching locations, and feeders are elements necessary for wild birds to be happy in our neighbourhoods.

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It is important to know which birds live in your area and what type of food they eat.

If you are a crafty person you can make many different and interesting bird feeders.

Many home-made bird feeding items are easy enough for kids to help out with or even make themselves.

Why Attract Backyard Birds?

It is a wonderful way to get to know the wild birds that live in your neighbourhood.

If you erect different types of bird feeders you will see a much larger variety of avian friends who live in your area.

You will probably be surprised at how many different kinds of birds live near you.

It is not an expensive hobby especially if you learn what products to use so you do not waste seed.

Get Answers to Wild Bird Feeding Questions

  • Will you need different types of feeders to attract different species of wild birds?
  • Do all wild birds eat bird seed?
  • What can I do about the mess under my feeders?
  • Are there other ways to attract birds besides bird feeders?
  • How will I know what the best feeders are for my backyard?
  • Which wild birds will come to a fruit feeder?
  • How can I stop birds like Starlings and Blackbirds from eating all the seed?
  • What is the best method for cleaning my bird feeders?
  • Where can I buy good products for bird feeding in my backyard?

You will discover answers to these questions and the answers to the questions in the quiz below throughout this website.

Look in the right hand sidebar for links to many pages with all kinds of pertinent information on enjoying our feathered friends in your backyard.

Let’s see what you know about one of the elements of a backyard bird habitat, bird feeders.

Good Luck!

Bird Feeders Quiz Questions

What do You Know About Bird Feeders?

A true
B false
A avoiding overcrowding and bullying that drives some species away
B attracting a larger variety of wild bird species for great backyard bird watching
C both of the above
A Chipping Sparrow
B Baltimore Oriole
C Scarlett Tanager
A white millet
B black oil sunflower
C striped sunflower
A Chickadee
B Junco
C American Goldfinch
A Bluebird
B Cardinal
C Warbler
A Pine Siskin
B Titmouse
C Mourning Dove
A size and how often it will need to be filled
B how it will be hung or mounted
C both of the above
A feeders will need to be cleaned more often in warmer weather
B wild birds do not transmit disease to each other threw a bird feeder
C Small amounts of disenfectant and detergent are necessary to properly clean bird feeders
A keep wild birds from migrating
B cause wild birds harm by making them dependent on humans
C both of the above are false statements

Find more info about bird feeders below or in the sidebar above

  • Suet Feeders Suet keeps birds warm during cold temperatures making it the perfect food for cold weather feeding. But it serves our birds well in Spring too.
  • How to Clean Seed Feeders When we make the decision to draw wild birds to our backyards with feeders, baths or houses we also, whether we first realize it or not, must be committed to keeping them clean.
  • Where To Place Bird Feeders? It will take some experimenting on your part to find the best location for your feeder in your own backyard. Here are some tips.

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Become A Backyard Bird Expert

        Would you like to be a bird expert able to:

  • Know by sight all the birds that visit your backyard?
  • Identify the birds you hear on a walk?
  • Answer your Grandkids or friends question, "What bird is that?".

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