A Bird House Provides A Home

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Bird Watching By Putting Out the Welcome Mat

Wild Bird Shelters
Gourd House
Roosting Box

A bird home will greatly enhance your backyard birding experience.

It will allow you to view the wonders of baby birds growing to full fledge.

This addition to your yard provides a wonderful way to enjoy backyard birds.

Bird shelters provide a whole other broad range of wild bird nesting habits for you to observe.

It only stands to reason that if you are setting the table for wild birds with bird feeders, they would choose to nest “down the hall”, so to speak, in your backyard.

My hope is that you will learn here, how to encourage wild birds to use your yard to raise their young.

But before our feathered friends can get to the busy point of nurturing a family they need to stake out a territory and defend it.

Then they must find a mate.

Courtship rituals are among the most fascinating bird behaviours to watch.

There are no flowers or diamond rings.

Instead you will witness interesting displays of feathers, fancy steps, bobbing heads, special calls and songs, food offerings often given in thoughtful tenderness or sometimes seemingly aggressive behaviour.

Yet all these diverse traits, more often carried out by males, are intended to accomplish one thing. Winning the affections of a mate!

Who would want to miss such exciting backyard bird activity!

List of Things to Consider When Choosing a Bird House

        1. Which species of baby birds are raised in handmade bird homes?

    2. Do those birds live in my area?

    3. After the first two questions are answered – what type of house will they use?

    4. How many should I put up in my yard?

    5. Where is the best location in my yard?

    6. When should I put up a bird shelter?

    7. What about predators?

    8. Will there be a lot of maintenance?

    9. What are wild birds nesting habits?

Types of Bird Homes

Purple Martin House

Finch House

Chickadee House

Wren House

Bluebird house

Bat Box

Owl Box

Gourd houses

Nesting Shelf

Swallow Shelf

Roosting Boxes

Nesting Pocket

Snags (dead trees)

More information on nesting birds & their bird homes below & in sidebar above

  1. Baby Birds – Which wild birds raise their young in bird homes and what other ways do parent birds provide housing for their babies? 
  2. Attracting Backyard Birds: Is There Another Way? - Attracting backyard birds with bird feeders is one way to watch birds in your backyard. But are there other ways?
  3. Nesting Habits - Wild birds prepare for and raise their baby birds in many different ways. Some birds are solitary in their method and others are communal.

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