Bird Seed Feeders

You Can Easily Make

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Bird seed feeders can be made for bird watching enjoyment any time of  the year.

These tasty bird feed treats are fun to make. A great activity for children to help out with, keeping them busy both making the treats and watching the wild birds enjoy their creations.

They can be quickly and easily made to give as gifts all year long.

Bird Seed Feeders To Make

Seed Feeders To Make

These seed feeders are suitable as birthday gifts for seniors, young children and for that matter, all ages.

They make special occasion and excellent holiday gifts, especially at Christmas time.

A change of coloured ribbon or ornament is all you need to make them suitable for any event or holiday.

Holiday Suet Balls

Start with suet

(You can find a recipe for suet on our suet bird food recipes page.)

  • Roll the suet into balls approximately 3” in diameter.
  • Insert a strong hook deeply and firmly, into one end of a suet ball. (Christmas tree decoration hooks work well)

Now for the yummy stuff!

  • Roll the suet balls in any kind of wild bird feed you wish: black oil sunflower seed, chopped peanuts, white millet, thistle seed or a wild bird seed mix.
Festive Suet Balls

Festive Suet Balls

  • You can make up your own wild bird feed mix too by combining the above bird seed ingredients to roll the suet balls in. Or roll each suet ball in one seed type only to give your suet balls a varied look.

Tie a ribbon around the hook and your backyard birds can enjoy a festive bird seed feeder treat.

Note: It may take more wild bird seed than you expect to make some of these treats. Many wild bird stores provide wild bird seed bulk bins that make purchasing bird seed more affordable. Sometimes purchasing your birdfeed in pre-packaged quantities can be more costly.

Pine Cone Treats

Peanut Butter Pine Cone Feeder

Peanut Butter Pine Cone Feeder

Steps to Make:

    1. Collect pine cones (kids and grand kids love this project) or you can purchase pine cones at some craft stores.

    2. Tie a string or a ribbon (8-10” long) around the pointed end of the pine cone under the first row of (petals) to hold the string or ribbon.

    3. Spread either peanut butter or softened suet over the cone.

    4. Roll the cone in seed.

    5. Hang cone from bottom of feeders, tree branches, clothesline or any other location where they can be seen.

A pleasure to watch as the wild birds flock to them to enjoy their bounty.

Buffet Swags and Wreaths

Easy Tips:

Beautiful swags and wreaths that are not only decorative but tasty treats for our feathered friends:

  • Can be made by tying together small bunches of dried grasses, sunflower heads, Indian corn, and branches from berry bushes.
  • For making a swag, arrange your selection together in a bunch and tie together with florist wire. Tie ribbon around the middle to decorate and it will also serve to attract the birds.
  • To make a wreath the easy way purchase a grape vine or straw form. (Styrofoam moulds are not recommended as they will break apart and are not environmentally safe. It would also pose a toxic risk to the health of your wild birds.)
  • Insert the grasses and berry branches alternately into the wreath. Tie on the sunflower heads and corn with florist wire and decorate with ribbon. Voila!
  • Your home made suet balls and pine cone treats will also make a tasty addition to your swags and wreaths.

All of these tasty and beautiful bird seed feeders are excellent backyard birding treats that make great gifts for the bird watchers on your gift giving list at any time of the year.

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Bird Seed Feeders You Can Easily Make

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