by Jeanette
(south east British Columbia)

Question: How Can We Stop Birds Striking Our Windows?

They smash into our windows, but I'm wondering if something in the bird feed is causing them some confusion.

This year has been much worse than others - and today is bad. Other times we'll find a weak bird that may not have hit the glass, and takes a few hours to finally die.

I'm afraid we are doing something to cause all this.

Lots of windows and reflections in the glass, we don't clean the feeders often, lots of different types of birds and often a new species shows up for a couple days and gone again.

Answer: Help For Wild Birds Hitting House Windows

Hi Jeanette

2 Reasons for Bird Strikes

    1. Bird strikes are most often caused by the windows reflection, creating an illusion for the wild birds making them think they can fly through.

    2. Especially during spring in the height of mating season, males will often think their reflection is a rival male. I have seen this behaviour in Robins and Cardinals.

How to Prevent Window Strikes

To stop this from happening you will need to put something on the outside of your window.

    1. Purchase decals that stick to the outside of the window.

    2. Mount a Window Feeder to the outside of the window.

Both of these suggestions will give the birds something to see at the level of the glass and will stop the bird-strikes.

Keeping Feeders Clean

You will also need to keep your feeders clean.

This is very important when you are attracting many wild birds.

It is our part in practising conservation of wildlife.

In the natural world songbirds do not gather at one feeding location like they do to bird feeders.

So consequently bird feeders become contaminated by fecal matter in such a concentrated situation.

Wash them thoroughly once per month in the hot weather.

And wipe perches with a cloth that has been wet with detergent and a few drops of bleach every few days or use wet wipes.

(Here are instruction on cleaning Cleaning Bird Feeders.)

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