Hummingbird Feeder:
When Should It Go Out?

A Hummingbird Feeder Should Go Out Early

A Hummingbird Feeder Should Go Out Early

Hummingbird Feeders Should Go Out Early

The answer to this question depends on where you live.

It is always a good idea to hang your Hummingbird Feeders a couple of weeks earlier than you expect the Hummers to return. Hummingbirds return to the location of feeders that they have used in previous years.

I have experienced their return before I had my feeders out and was alerted to their arrival by their swooping past my kitchen window repeatedly as if to say "Hey, we're back but you are obviously not ready!"

When spring is early it is a good idea to hang your feeders out even earlier. Of course exactly when depends on where you are located.

This year as in other years the Ruby Throated Hummingbird had already arrived in the Northern United States and Southern to Mid Ontario and the Maritime Provinces of Canada a good 2 weeks earlier than most years.

Not Sure When Your Hummingbirds Will Return?

If you are not sure when your Hummers are due to arrive back, keep track of their progress with this spring migration map that tracks the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds return north each year.

This will assist you in getting your feeders out in time for their return. You will be able to determine from watching their progress when would be a good time to get your feeders prepared.

It's best to start watching the map in February every year which will help you see how far they travel in a week so will know how early to hang your feeder outside.

You may even decide to report the date when you first see them at your own feeders which will help others along their route farther north. Migration Route of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird

When you hang your feeders out early it is very important to keep the syrup fresh by cleaning your hummingbird feeders and changing the syrup, even though you may not have Hummingbirds feeding at them yet.

If the syrup is allowed to hang in the sun, even though the temperatures outside may not be high, the syrup could become rancid and make your wild birds sick.

So change your syrup after a few days and everyone will enjoy this wonderful pastime more.

Happy birding!

More Interesting Facts on Hummer Feeders!

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