Unusual Birds

One of the most wonderful things that can happen when attracting wild birds to our backyard bird feeders and baths, is seeing an unusual bird or rare bird.

Recently I received an interesting question about bird feeding. After I had answered the query the reader told me a very interesting story about a bird that visited her feeder all summer. I responded with a story of my own and I thought everyone might be interested.

Reader writes:

Thanks for getting back.

By the way I had Western Meadowlarks feeding on my hummingbird feeder this summer. It was crazy to see this big yellow breasted bird on the feeder. Of course it was spilling syrup all over the place.

She kept coming everyday and would sit on my patio table and then hop up onto the feeder.

I kept trying to get a photo of her because people didn't believe me but she was too wise. There was a male around too that had beautiful orange coloring. The orange was as dark as an oriole. I was not sure what it was but it must have been the male meadowlark.

I think that maybe she had some babies too, although I never really saw them.

Unfortunately, I did see a large hawk come down on the grass in the back and swoop up a small bird. I am pretty sure it was a baby meadowlark because I could see some yellow in the downy feathers. I saw the hawk sitting on the fence with this small bird on the post. Had to keep reminding myself that this was nature!

My Unusual Bird Sighting

It is fascinating to see what birds our feeders and especially bird baths can bring to our outdoor space. I have had different types of Warblers, a Black-and-white Warbler and a Yellow Warbler over the years come to my seed feeders, which is unexpected considering they are bug eaters like Meadowlarks. But most wildlife are opportunists first or they would probably not survive.

I also had an experience with a Hawk taking advantage of my feeding station this summer. A Sharp-shinned Hawk took a Starling from my feeder. I didn't actually see it but heard the poor Starling squawking. When I looked out the Hawk had moved to the side yard and was plucking his prey.

Like you I had to remind myself that this is was lunch for the Hawk and he probably had tried several times unsuccessfully before this successful attempt. I filmed it but I have not posted it on my website as it is a little difficult to watch even though Starlings aren't the most liked of wild birds.

Thank you for getting back to me and sharing your experience.

Happy birding!


Hope you all enjoyed these tales of unusual birds at backyard bird feeders.

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