When do I take down my Hummingbird feeder?

by Patricia Beatty
(Colliers, WV 26035 USA)


What time do I take down my feeder?

My neighbor tells me in early September, so that when I do it, but sometimes my little Humingbirds still come back, and I know they need this food for the flight where the go for the winter.

My little friends bring me peace, I have them coming back for the 3rd year, and I am sure its the same female and male and I spotted a little one with them, so do they stay with the same mate year after year?

I keep my feeder by my deck and I have a flower hanger close by and the female will sit for a few seconds and looks at me and today the male did it also.

They often play hide and seek they come fast and buzz by me.

I love these little birds. My grand kids are amazed that they to love these little wonders as much as me.

I know just where they go in the pine tree and my neighbors tree is close and I spot them watching me,I believe.

So any info about hummingbirds is appreciated. I do not have any pictures.

Hi Patricia

Thank you for asking!

You should not take down your feeders. Wait until you have not seen them at the feeder for 2-3 weeks.

Wild birds will migrate when it is time and having feeders full of food will not keep them from leaving.

And you are right that they need the food you are providing to stock up for their long journey.

I had an email from a man who lives on the west coast of Canada. He kept their Hummingbird feeder full all winter with a light bulb beside it under a pail because a Hummer did not leave. It was likely too old or injured and could not make the flight. Some Ideas On How To Keep Hummingbird Feeders From Freezing

I am considerably farther north than you are and our Hummingbirds stay until mid September. I will keep my feeders up until there is a risk of freezing which will not be until mid November. I do this in case there are some stray birds who are traveling late from farther north.

Also your question about Hummingbird mating with the same partner year after year? No Hummingbird males and females pair together for mating then the female raises the young on her own. That's the way they like it.

So feel free to keep your feeders up with fresh food and enjoy!

Hope this helps and happy bird watching!

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Hummingbird Feeders Up In The Autumn
by: Judith

Thank you Wendy for sharing your experience with us. It is very important for the Hummingbirds to have lots of good fresh food right up until they leave. And they are the best ones to decide when it's time. They will not stay because your feeder is there, they are compelled to go for other reasons. It could be the diminishing sunlight or cooler temperatures, even the scientists are not sure why. Just enjoy them until they leave!

So glad to find this!
by: Wendy

I am so glad to know for sure not to take the hummingbird feeders down. I did once because someone said to do it and the poor things came back for days looking for their nectar feeders. So I finally put them back up because I couldn't stand to see the little darlings searching for their feeders anymore. They left a couple of weeks later and came back in the spring.

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