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    Wild Bird Christmas Treats
…that will make YOU wish you were a Blue Jay or a Chickadee!

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Wild Bird Christmas Treats …that will make YOU wish you were a Blue Jay or a Chickadee

blue jay clipartChristmas Balls for Feathered Friends

Start with suet (you can find a recipe for suet on our Suet Bird Food Recipe Page).

You can view all the instructions for making the wild bird treats that were in this newsletter where they have been moved to make pages on my website:

Bird Seed Feeders: You Can Easily Make

Bird Seed Feeders: Make Them for Christmas Gifts

News & Reviews

    I forgot to wish everyone in the US a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got stuffed with turkey and all the other great trimmings. Now it is time to get ready for the next big turkey dinner!


Quips and Queries

    Q: What can you do with your Christmas tree when the season is over?

    A: We’re usually more than ready to take down the tree when the festivities are done. But it always seems like such a waste and such an ungrateful act to throw it away.

    So here is the perfect answer.

    Several years ago we started this tradition. Take your tree out to the backyard and stand it up in the snow (if you have snow) or lay it down, which ever way works best for you, about ten feet from a bird feeder or bird bath.

    This tree which has already given so much will now provide shelter as a snag for the wild birds from weather and predators. It will also give the birds a place to perch while waiting their turn at your feeding station.

    When the weather warms up you can move the tree out in the bush or continue to add to it to make an even bigger brush pile. Many wild creatures besides birds will make good use of it and provide you with entertainment and an educational opportunity.

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Wild Bird Ballyhoo

    In the January 2008 issue =>
    • How Birds Survive Winter Temperatures

    In the February 2008 issue =>

    • The Most Crucial Season to Feed Wild Birds is Coming
    • February is National Bird Feeding Month


We really hope that you enjoyed reading about how to make wild bird Christmas treats and get great satisfaction out of making them and even more pleasure out of watching them be consumed!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year! (And to all those who celebrate other holidays at this time of year, I wish the very best holiday for you too!)

… and that’s "The Scoop" for now!



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