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Clear Swirl Bird Bath photo

Clear Swirl Bird Bath
This newsletter is about bird baths. Did you know that they will attract wild birds quicker than a bird feeder? And also provide a unique decor to your backyard! ________________________________________________________________________

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Bird baths are a welcome addition to any backyard. They are like a magnet to wild birds. All birds love to bath, and, more importantly, they need to bathe. Therefore a safe bathing area is important to birds of all sizes.

Because birds love to frequent bathing areas, you will increase the “bird” traffic in your backyard. In fact, a place to bathe will draw wild birds to your backyard faster than a bird feeder. Especially if your bird bath has the sound of water which can be added with a mister, dripper, jiggler or fountain.

Therefore when you put a bird bath in your backyard, everyone wins. The wild birds get a much-needed and much-appreciated safe bathing area and you get to enjoy a more varied and numerous birding population in your backyard.

(For your convenience we have provided links throughout this e-zine you can follow where you can view and purchase a variety of bird baths if you wish.)

Types of Bird Baths

There are a wide variety of bird baths to choose from. Actually the only limit to the type of bird bath that you put in your backyard is your imagination.

Manufactured bird baths come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. But, using your imagination and various items around the house you can broaden further the variety of bird baths that make their way into your backyard.

In our area for weeks during this summer, the weather has been hot and dry day-after-day. We were concerned that the bird baths were not providing our wild birds with enough water for drinking and bathing.

So, we improvised. We placed clear glass pie plates filled with water on our patio. Then we placed a garbage can lid turned upside down atop a planter, filled it with water, put a couple of flat stones in it and placed it further away from the house.

These two adlib efforts seemed to be much appreciated by the neighbourhood birding populace. (After a few days of feeling intimidated and inspection, of course.) ;)

You can purchase a bird bath from our website, if you wish. We will only feature items we would use ourselves and stand by:

A Birds Bath For Sale

Hanging Bird Baths
hanging blue glazed Bird Bath photo
Hanging Blue Glaze Bird Bath

Hanging bird baths can provide a unique decor to your backyard. This form of bird bath can be made using many different materials, metal, plastic, ceramic and glass are the usual choices. Usually smaller in size than traditional pedestal bird baths hanging bird baths can be placed on shepherd hook poles or even hung from tree limbs, providing a shady spot to take a cool dip or a refreshing sip of water. But if you place a bird bath under or near trees be prepared to clean it out more often. Although all bird baths should be cleaned out everyday or at least every 2 to 3 days.

Note: Tree limb locations can provide hiding spots for predators like cats to lurk in the shadows before pouncing on an unsuspecting bird bather.

Pedestal Bird Baths

Pedestal bird baths are the type of bird bath that are more typically found in backyards.

Newton low gray Bird Bath photo
Newton Low Standing Bird Bath

These bird baths may have a single pedestal, or three or more legs supporting the actual bathing area. Like hanging bird baths, pedestal bird baths can be made of various materials, including concrete and other heavier materials.

Wild birds need a reliable and safe source of water all year round.

Most of us usually consider a bird bath as a necessity in the warmer months to provide our feathered visitors with a drink or a refreshing dip on a hot summer day (Usually intended to get rid of parasites and keep feathers in top shape and they certainly appear to enjoy the experience as we do.)

Heated Bird Baths

But, the reality is that wild birds need a safe and easily accessible source of water during the winter months as well. They will eat snow, but it requires body heat of course to melt the snow, which in turn results in needing more energy to keep their body temperature up, and in turn increases their need for more food up. And food is often at its lowest supply during late winter and early spring especially.

In these colder climates it will be necessary to install a heated bird bath. This does not have to be an expensive proposition as there is a wide range of ways to heat a bird bath.

Bird Bath Tips

All bird baths, no matter what the style or material they are made from require some attention:

They should be cleaned frequently.

The water should be changed every 1 to 2 days especially in hot humid weather.

Note The above two actions will help the wild birds be healthy. A dirty bath will spread disease among wild birds quickly, just as a dirty bird feeder can.

The water should be no deeper than 2 inches deep. If yours is deeper, add some flat stones to provide a place for small birds to stand while drinking and bathing.

Eco friendly and bird friendly cleaners are available to make the job easier and safer.

More information on bird baths:

… and that’s "The Scoop" for now!

Happy birding!

Judy & Paul


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