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Some of you will remember from the August newsletter that I was getting a first hand view of a pair of Goldfinches building their nest and raising their young. It was absolutely amazing! Nothing short of that.

Well, it has been quite a journey in another way too. Putting this video series together.

Making the video was truly a challenge. It took a long time to produce it and it’s still not totally complete, but will be soon. I tried 3 different programs to put my video clips together. They all offered different features which I found quite frustrating and which took up a great deal of time deciding which to use. But never-the-less it is where it is now.

Yes, the Goldfinch journey though was the truly amazing part and I think you will agree when you watch it. And that is the main focus of this newsletter.

I could watch it over and over and still not be tired of it, I hope you feel that way too after you watch it.

The first video starts out with a “burst”, which is really just a series of photos one after another. Then I “attached” a few short videos to them. The link I provide further down this newsletter where you can begin watching starts with this first burst/video group and then at the bottom of the page is the second video in the series. Which is a collection of short videos I took, I have literally hours of video. So it is not possible to put it all in one long video because no one these days has that kind of time.

So please enjoy!


One more thing before you get started. Here are the results of the poll. Remember the picture of the nest with the two little eggs and I asked if anyone would like to venture a guess at what wild bird laid those eggs?

goldfinch eggs

  • Robin - 38.7%
  • Goldfinch - 35.5%
  • Hummingbird - 22.6%
  • Easter Bunny - 3.2% (Very Funny)

And the winner is: Goldfinch

The female laid 2 more eggs after this which I was not aware of until they started to hatch. But you will actually see this when you watch the video. _____________________________________________________

Here is the link to the Great Goldfinch Adventure:


As Holiday Seasons are approaching for so many people Christmas, Hannakuh etc. and gift giving can be a perplexity, perhaps we can help.

I have included an idea here for you and links to other pages with more wonderful ideas:

Easy Tips for Buffet Swags and Wreaths Beautiful swags and wreaths that are not only decorative but tasty treats for our feathered friends:

  • Can be made by tying together small bunches of dried grasses, sunflower heads, Indian corn, and branches from berry bushes.

  • For making a swag, arrange your selection together in a bunch and tie together with florist wire. Tie ribbon around the middle to decorate and it will also serve to attract the birds.

  • To make a wreath the easy way purchase a grape vine or straw form. Insert the grasses and berry branches alternately into the wreath. Tie on the sunflower heads and corn with florist wire and decorate with ribbon.

These beautifully created wreaths and swags can be used indoors during your holiday season and then placed outside for the wild birds to enjoy!

Here are links to more great ideas for creating gifts:

And if you are not the type to make your own and would rather just purchase something already made you can do that here: Bird Seed

… and that’s "The Scoop" for now!

Happy birding! Judy


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