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They are on their way north again! Many of you have no doubt noticed a few new birds in your backyard lately. They are returning or passing through along their migration route. Somewhat tired, looking for food to refuel from their long difficult journey, migrating birds need energy for the tasks ahead too. Read more here about what our feathered friends are facing during their springtime migration.


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If you haven't seen all the videos of our Goldfinch family from the summer of 2011 growing up in our PeeGee Hydrangea, please have a look.

Great Goldfinch Adventure:


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Consider a birdcam if you think you may have an opportunity to video the wonders of wild bird activity in your backyard:

    1. Tree outside a window of your home. (That's how we took the video of our Goldfinch family.)

    2. A window view bird house. (A bird house that attaches to the window of your home with a peel back cover to allow viewing of the nesting box activity.)

    3. Any seed or suet bird feeder, Hummingbird or Oriole feeders, Bluebird feeders (A fabulous way to have a close-up view of these shy birds.)

    4. See who's visiting your bird bath when you are not around.

    The Audubon Birdcam featured on the top right side of our web pages is a good one.


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    The University of North Carolina has reported some interesting findings about bird migration and climate change.

    They used migration information from eBird to put together their findings. It is very interesting and I wanted to share it with you.

    It is a very interesting time of year for backyard bird watchers so keep your eyes on the skies and those who rule them!

    … and that’s "The Scoop" for now!

    Happy birding! Judy


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