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Wild Bird Scoop, Issue #720
July 25, 2015

Our website is improving in “swoops & soars”. We are in the midst of a huge renovation. There are some things that have changed already and other changes that are in progress.

Here's how:

1. We have a brand new look! We hope you like it (and it is still being tweaked.) That will be the most obvious change you will notice. See it here … Home Page then come back.

2. We are about to make another huge change in the next week. Right now our site reads in your browser window (phew that's a long one), but soon it will read I think you will agree the change is far more manageable. ;)

That will happen in the next few days and the site might be down for a few hours while this BIG change takes place.

3. I have been asked so many times where good bird feeding supplies can be purchased... I am now making recommendations on each page about products to do with that perticular topic.

Products will be placed at the top of the page with gold star ratings. You will be able to click through and purchase them if you see something you would like to have.

And each page still contains lots of information about attracting wild birds.

You can see an example of how many of the pages are set-up with product recommendations here on Attracting Hummingbirds

4. You will also find links on the site to more pages about the topic you are on, in the right column or at the bottom of the page.

What Do You Have To Do?

Nothing, you don’t have to do anything, except whitelist my new url in your email, so future emails don’t go to the junk pile.

If you are subscribed to our RSS feed, then all you have to do to continue to get our updates as they happen is re-subscribe to the feed by clicking on the orange icon in the top right corner of the Recent Articles in the right column of any page on the site.

If you follow me on Pinterest or Facebook then all is well too. The old long and clunky url will always work, leading you to the new one.

2 Things That Will Never Change

Rest assured that there are two things that will never change:

1. Our great content will remain the same, great content.

2. And sharing our love of “Watching Winged Wonders”, we always love to do that.

Hope you agree.

Happy Birding!

Judy Coates

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