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To talk about this site means wild birds and babies (not listed in order of importance and “wild” not meant as a description for the children) because that has been my life for many years.

I raised five children and all the while we fed the birds that came to our backyard. Because I home-schooled my children, I used our backyard as our science lab for bird watching. We watched carefully all the feathered friends that came to our bird feeders.

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Our feeders were interesting. Sometimes they were store-bought products. On other occasions the feeders were the result of the sometimes “wild” imagination of the children.

Now the kids are gone. But in their place are the grandchildren. They come to spend time with Nana and Grandpa. They join us on nature hikes. They help to feed the birds and clean the feeders. Follow us to the bird seed suppliers with lots of suggestions on what to purchase. I am sure that you get the picture!

With an empty nest and lots of birding enthusiasm and experience, I became an entrepreneur. I started a wild bird store and loved it! Everything was great except, there was a problem. It tied us down and made life very hectic. 

Our other passion is travel and a business that is open six days a week for the entire year is a major obstacle for hands-on owners, who like to hit the highway for extended periods of adventure.

So how could I combine my passions? Easy, I sold the wild bird store and I started my own website about backyard birding and that's about this site. Problem solved!

I can travel with my notebook computer keeping my website up to date and hopefully give it lots of new experiences and information gleaned from exploring new habitats for my feathered friends and learning what backyard bird feeders do in other regions.

Site Build It!

In addition to being able to share my passion, I am able to add a supplemental income to the family coffers. Not a bad combination! And I'm just as passionate about this site and how it was built.

Maybe you have wanted to do the same, or at least ventured a daydream into the possibilities of making an income through something you are interested in or are passionate about.

Many, many people are and you can too… really. This is how I am doing it and how thousands of others before me started to do it.

It took me several months to decide whether to trust this venue. I talked with my husband at length about the possibilities and visited all the information over and over again during that time frame.

You may have noticed some videos and links on this page, about a company called SiteSell. SiteSell is a company that provides a one stop venue for everything that is necessary to build and host a website. Perfect for someone like myself who has used a computer for years but does not want to venture into the tech part or even have to learn how.

There is a learning curve but if you can read, know how to follow instructions and have a topic you love and can talk about it, you’re good to go. For me it is backyard birding and that's about this site. Sitesell provides a community of support and “baby” you along, the whole way, if that is what you need. (And sometimes that is what I need.)

Site Build It!

Honestly, the only thing I regret is not venturing in sooner. I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch but I’m sure it does. I have just told you my experience and now I am so, so glad I used SiteSell to build my website.

There is a cost, but really if you know anything about the charges involved, hiring someone to design and host a website, it is minimal in comparison. SiteSell’s mantra is “over deliver” and they do, big time!

Here are some fun and informative videos made by some of the people who have built web sites with SiteSell. They are average real people like you and I.

Then watch the video produced by SiteSell at the end of each one, to listen to an explanation of exactly how Solo Build It (the website building process) works from start to finish.

This is also an excellent video on how it all works. (It took me seven months of watching and reading to decide.) Video Tour of SiteSell

If you have more questions and you probably will, you can go here to ask them of a real person: Have a Question?

Or you can contact me and I will be glad to help you in any way I can. I can tell you about this site and my experience and help you with your decision.

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Keep looking until you feel satisfied that this is for you, if that is what you want.

And please visit us often at this site as I’ll be adding more info on my love of wild bird watching and that's about this site!

All the best!


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> About This Site

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Hummingbirds "The Jewelled Warriors"

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