Woodpeckers in Pennsylvania: The 8 Species You May Come Across

pennsylvania woodpecker on a tree

Woodpeckers In Pennsylvania: The 8 Species You May Come Across Did you know Pennsylvania’s name translates to Penn’s Woods? Out of the 45,888 square miles, there are 2 million acres of forest districts, along with nearly 300,000 acres of national parks. So, there’s no better naming for America’s Keystone state! The state is home to … Read more

8 Different Hawks In Wyoming To Watch Out For

8 hawks in wyoming

The United States has a sizable hawk population, with approximately 25 species spread out across the country. Because different states have different food sources and climate, species will spend their time in various places throughout the year. Wyoming is one of the states with a considerable number of hawks. In this article, we will be … Read more

Woodpecker Feeder

Woodpecker Feeder by Jim (New Brunswick ) Suet Log for Woodpeckers & Songbirds A Woodpecker Feeder that is really simple and it has been working for some time: 1. I picked up a piece of wood 2 X 4 inches and about 16 inches long. (A thick branch 4 inches wide would also be suitable.) … Read more

Winter Bird Feeding Is A Rewarding Season To Watch Wild Birds

Winter Bird Feeding A Rewarding Season for Bird Watching Winter bird feeding is a rewarding season to watch wild birds. As the cold weather settles in around us, we begin to think of our feathered friends outside. We know they will be fine; after all, they have survived for thousands of years on their own. But we can’t help … Read more

Window Bird Feeders Bring Birds Up Close Easily

Window Birdfeeders For A Close-Up Look! 1. Introduction Window bird feeders are a wonderful venue to observe wild bird behaviour. There probably isn’t a better means to view our feathered friends up close. It is an excellent method to take photographs, other than going to the trouble of setting up a camera near a feeder. I … Read more

Wild Birds Facebook Is For Everyone To Enjoy

Share Your Photos On Our Wild Birds Facebook Page Home › Wild Bird Scoop Facebook Page We invite you to share photos of wild birds you have taken. You can upload pictures one at a time or in an album, on our Wild Birds Facebook page. If your photos do not have your name embedded … Read more

Wild Bird Blog Most Recent Articles

Wild Bird Blog Home › Wild Bird Scoop Blog Wild Bird Scoop Blog takes you away to the intriguing world of bird watching through bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and so much more, in your backyard habitat. You will find lots of interesting info about this great hobby. May 22, 2020 Bird Baths Provide … Read more

Wild Bird Shelters

Wild Bird Shelters Rustic Bluebird House by Marcy (northern Virginia) Question: Would Birdhouse Feeder Plans Work? I would like to build a gazebo-type wild bird shelter (4 sided) to shelter both the birds and the bird food. I especially want it in the winter during the really cold and wet, snowy weather. (We live in … Read more

Wild Bird Rescue Is For The Trained Professional

Wild Bird Rescue What Should Be Done If A Wild Bird Needs Help? Wild bird rescue takes training and know-how. So what should you do if you find a feathered friend that needs help? In most cases you should probably do nothing yourself to render first aid to the bird in need. Baby birds especially … Read more

Wild Bird Rescue – Whooping Crane

Wild Bird Rescue – Whooping Crane by Betty Bardswich (Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island, Ontario) We are heartbroken here on Manitoulin Island to learn that someone shot and killed a two-year-old whooping crane. The federal government has stepped in to assist with the investigation and we pray that the person who committed this monstrous act will be … Read more