Birch Tree – May Sound Boring But Has Had a Great Influence

Birch Tree & Woodpeckers The attractive birch has a story to tell of how, it and wild birds, particularly Woodpeckers helped humans to discover a valuable food source. Wild Birds & Trees Work Together An interesting Anishnabeg (Ojibway) legend that explains how wild birds helped us discover one of nature’s wonderful bounties. This is a … Read more

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – Stop The Wiley Squirrels

A picture of two bird feeders. Text reads "2 best squirrel proof bird feeders."

2 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Pin this pic! Baffle Squirrels with this Excellent Feeder Are You Asking Yourself “How Do They Work?” How can it be possible to have 2 best squirrel proof bird feeders? Squirrels are persistent, unwanted guests at bird feeders and bird lovers have been wrestling with them for decades. It … Read more

Best Hummingbird Feeders For Backyard Bird Watching

Best Hummingbird FeedersTo Attract “Flying Jewels” Home › Bird Watching Gifts › Best Hummingbird Feeders There are many very well made nectar feeders available. When it is time to get a new one the choice can be difficult, but you will discover the best Hummingbird feeders available here and why they are the best. 7 … Read more

Bat Facts Similarities And Differences To Wild Birds

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Best Bat Facts Bats are mysterious creatures. They are one of the most misunderstood and feared animals of the world. Little Red Flying Foxes From Australia from Wikimedia Commons But they are also important to our ecosystem, as they play important roles in the cycle of life. Fortunately, through education of true bat facts, the … Read more

Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Will Attract Wild Birds to Enjoy

Will Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Attract Wild Birds? Michael from Asheville, NC asked this question, “Will Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Attract Wild Birds? I am moving to a 4th floor apartment which has a balcony. Will Hummingbirds use a feeder that high off the ground? Michael from Asheville, NC asked this question, “Will Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Attract … Read more

Baffle Squirrels To Keep Them From Eating All Your Seed

How to Baffle Squirrels? Can You Really “Baffle” the Squirrels?!?!?! Of all the bird feeding problems that can arise, Squirrels are often the one that is the most difficult to deal with. Squirrels will eat volumes of seed, damage feeders, and eat bird eggs, or baby birds, if they are allowed to do what they … Read more

Backyard Bird Predators are Many But We Can Help

Backyard Bird Predators – Who Are They? Most people who attract backyard birds will encounter a problem with backyard bird predators at one time or another. How to Protect Songbirds from Birds of Prey? Hawks and other birds of prey pose another problem which may be harder to control. Some birds of prey feed primarily on … Read more

Baby Birds are Raised in Many Different Ways

How Are Baby Birds Cared For By Their Parents? Great Horned Owls, Like Some Other Species, Continue to Feed Their Young Even After They Have Left the Nest Find product reviews further down this page. What Ways do Parent Birds Look After Their Young? There are many different ways that parent birds keep their baby … Read more

Autumn Bird Feeding Is Vital For Wild Bird Survival

Tips for Autumn Bird Feeding Should You Feed Wild Birds In The Fall? Absolutely! 4 Quick Facts About Autumn Bird Feeding Wild bird feeding in the autumn gives very important opportunities to birdlife by: 1. Providing a vital food source for those backyard birds who have been accustomed to using Your feeders all summer. 2. … Read more