Hawks In New Mexico: 14 Species You’ve Got To See

Hawks In New Mexico

New Mexico’s wildlife is as diverse as its land. That’s why it’s no surprise that the state’s home to 546 different species of birds. The forested mountains, oak-woodlands, and deserts make a diverse habitat for many bird species. This variety makes New Mexico a remarkable bird-watching destination. With a high plateau and deep canyons, the Great … Read more

Hawks In New York: 8 Empire State Species To See

Hawks In New York

Hawks prefer high places to build their nest, places like the side of a cliff or on top of a high tree. So, what are they doing in the Empire State? They don’t build their nests on skyscrapers, do they? Maybe not, but New York is full of places for hawks to live and hunt. … Read more

Hawks In Nebraska: Can You Spot All 10 Species?

Hawks In Nebraska

In the middle of our busy lives, sometimes we forget there are so many beautiful things around us if we’ll only remember to look up. For example, Nebraska has 465 species of birds; imagine how many of those you could have seen if only you looked up! You can always visit the birding sights of … Read more

Hawks In Montana: Find All 10 Big Sky Country Birds Of Prey

Hawks In Montana

Montana is famous for being a large habitat for wildlife in the United States. The city is the 4th biggest state in the U.S. but ranks 43rd in terms of population, giving the wildlife a generous space to inhabit. With all this space available for animals to occupy, Montana houses more than 400 species of … Read more

Hawks In Nevada: Look Out For All 9 Of These Species

Hawks In Nevada

Although Nevada is most famous for Las Vegas and its nightlife, there’s so much more to do in the state! You can take a selfie from the top of the great Hoover Dam, or enjoy a bonfire on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Feel like exploring? Plan a hiking trip to Black Mountain, or just … Read more

Hawks In Mississippi: 6 Species To See In The South

Hawks In Mississippi

The great state of Mississippi, nicknamed the Magnolia State, is divided into five geographical regions. A whopping 65 percent of the state is forestland — that’s almost 20 million acres! The rest is coastal regions, rolling hills, and agricultural farmlands. There’Res also an area abundant with coniferous trees on the eastern rim of the state. … Read more

Hawks In Minnesota: 9 Species You Just Can’t Miss

Hawks In Minnesota

If you live in or visit Minnesota, you may be fortunate enough to witness a wide array of wild bird species. You might stumble upon different types of songbirds and birds of prey, including falcons, owls, eagles, and hawks. There are nine species of hawks in Minnesota that you’ll be delighted to see. With striking … Read more

Hawks In Massachusetts: 7 Bay State Birds Of Prey To See

Hawks In Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is not only known as the landing place of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower but also for its highly diverse wildlife. Over 60 percent of Massachusetts is forested, making it a perfect habitat for numerous bird species including but not limited to woodpeckers, owls, and hawks. We’ve already discussed the various … Read more

Hawks In Maine: Check Out All Of These 8 Species

Hawks In Maine

Maine is located in the northeast United States, sharing borders with Canada, New Hampshire, and the Atlantic Ocean. Though not heavily populated by people, it’s overflowing with plants, animals, birds, and fish and well-preserved natural areas that locals and tourists alike are constantly exploring. This breathtakingly beautiful state is where the Appalachian Trail ends. It … Read more

Hawks In Louisiana: 9 Species To Behold In The Bayou State

Hawks In Louisiana

Louisiana has a landmass consisting of 40 percent coastal marshlands and beaches, woodlands, and deciduous forests, so it isn’t surprising that most bird species make their way to the Pelican State throughout the year. Louisiana’s subtropical climate increases the birds’ attraction to the state and makes it the perfect habitat for an abundance of winged … Read more