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"Tails" of Avian Visitors

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There are interesting backyard bird stories here that relate an experience or a belief that someone or a group of people have experienced.

Some of these tales of feathered friends were submitted to one of our annual Story Contests, others are from friends or myself.

Read the brief descriptions here and then by clicking on the link to the individual story pages the adventure will begin.

Take your time and enjoy the experience of other backyard bird watchers!

The Birding Curve
By C. E. Jones
STORY#3-1CEJ 2020

The Birding Curve is the story of one family man's story of how he enjoyed getting started watching backyard birds with his wife and son. A "curve" of a different feather!

Grampy Cardinal
By Judi Bogardus
STORY#3-2JB 2020

A touching story of how important Grandparents can be to passing on lifes passions and helping shape young lives. Grampy Cardinal

Sandhill Crane At The Backyard Buffet
By Clark LaGrange
Story Contest Visitor Vote Winner 2019

It is shocking to look out your window one day and see something with steely eyes that is tall, nearly as tall or taller than yourself looking back at you! But that is exactly what happened to one of our photo story contest winners from our Backyard Bird Story Contest in 2019! Read all about it and watch the video to believe it!

Dad And His Hummingbirds
By Sheila Chapman
Story Contest Winner Judges Vote 2019

Enjoy this touching story of how a Hummingbird brought a family together. Dad & His Hummingbirds

For the Love of Feeding Birds
By Kathy Berent
Story Contest 2019 - The Joy Of Bird Baths

For the Love of Feeding Birds  "My tale is a true tale and a happy tail… that evolved slowly but has given me tremendous pleasure." Enjoy Kathy's story as it might be not unlike your own or inspire you to make your own similar story. Great Inspiration

Birch Tree & Woodpeckers
Anishnabeg (Ojibway) Legend

The birch tree has a story to tell of how, it and wild birds, particularly Woodpeckers, helped humans to discover a valuable food source. Read the connection between birch tree, Woodpeckers and humans.

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The Great Blue Mystery
by Judy Coates

The Great Blue Heron mystery was eventually revealed but it was a puzzle for a long time. But we persevered and discovered the answer. Enjoy this Great Blue Mystery!

Coopers Hawk Visits Feeder
by Lynda Horn

When we see this type of event playing out it brings such mixed emotion. It is a completely different to see it play out in real life compared to reading about it or even seeing a video. Read about Lynda and her son's experience.

 Great Backyard Bird Stories

  • The Birding Curve  Many new backyard bird watchers will be able to relate to this story of one persons experience, when he first began watching birds in his  backyard with his family.
  • Grampy Cardinal  A touching story of a young woman's relationship with her Grandfather that resulted in his love of birds being passed on to his Granddaughter.
  • Love Feeding Birds  A wonderful story how a family moved into a home with a large yard and transformed it into a paradise for themselves and the creatures in their area.
  • Dad And His Hummingbirds  A heart warming true story of how Hummingbirds brought a family torn apart in time, together, to build cherished memories.
  • Great Blue Heron Mystery  These intriguing birds are a fascination with their austere good looks, which lend well to a good mystery. Read our puzzle over their rookery.
  • Birch Tree & Woodpecker  A rich legend of how a precious commodity given by trees was discovered by humans.  

  • Sandhill Crane  Two Sandhill Cranes who have discovered a shortcut to a place where they can quickly satisfy their healthy appetites and bring their young one along too.
  • Cooper's Hawk At Feeder  Sharp-shinned Hawks and Cooper's Hawks are often seen hunting at bird feeding stations looking for lunch.
  • Backyard Bird Stories  There could never be an end to all the interesting and amazing stories that could be told about backyard birds. Hope you enjoy these!

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