Bird Feeder Problems

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Bird Feeder Problems

by Carrie Zeveney

(Oak Grove KY)

Bird Feeder Problems<br>Birds Don't Go To Right Feeder

Bird Feeder Problems
Birds Don’t Go To Right Feeder

Confused Birds?

The problem is… Nobody goes to the right feeders even though I have a wide variety filled with the right food.

I have many, MANY, bird feeders in my yard filled with the appropriate seed and for certain types of birds.

The woodpecker goes to the platform feeders when I have woodpecker suet and blocks designed for their ease of use, the finches ignore the Niger seed and other feeders made for them and eat from the platform feeders, the doves still won’t eat from the expensive ground feeders I bought them and everything is topsy-turvy.

Then again, I live in open farmland in Kentucky so I shouldn’t even have woodpeckers I don’t think!

They’re the red-bellied kind.

I have a million birds… I just don’t understand why they aren’t eating special food from the feeders made for them!

I guess I’ll find out when the hummingbirds arrive in a couple of weeks!

Hi Carrie

It can certainly seem topsy-turvy sometimes when feeding wild birds.

It seems as though some of them forgot to pay attention in class when the instruction for what different types of birds like to eat was being covered.

We moved to our present home three years ago and I have never had Goldfinches eat Nyjer seed! Served in special feeders with tiny holes, their favorite right?

But the ones who live here don’t like it either. But elsewhere, they devoured it in hoards.

I even tried 3 different brands, but all were ignored. So I would sprinkle a little bit at a time on the patio when there was little wind and the Mourning Doves loved it. Some I mixed into suet and some I tossed in the garbage. Expensive garbage!

In the past I also had Woodpeckers eat from platform feeders if I was feeding a mixed seed with peanuts in it. So I no longer do that because they would toss everything else on the ground until they found a peanut.

I now have a mixed seed block in a large cage feeder that is loaded with nuts and the Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Bluejays and House Sparrows along with the suet, love it.

I also have a ground feeder, which only the squirrels and house sparrows use. I think the other birds like Mourning Doves don’t like it because the roof is too low and it is difficult for them to get inside because of the overhang of the roof.

In my tube feeders and chalet feeders I only use black-oil sunflower. In the platform feeder, I will toss a little mixed now and again but I rarely buy mixed seed loose. I only feed mixed seed blends in blocks or suet as I mentioned earlier it only leads to birds selecting the kind they prefer by throwing out what they don’t want to eat.

I know these are not really suggestions for fixing your problem but you are not alone with birds who don’t know how to behave according to their specie specific habits!

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