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Do you have a problem you would like help finding the answer to?
Do you have a fun or interesting story to tell?

Please ask, and we will help or tell us your story! What type of bird feeders to use? Squirrel problems, cleaning feeders, ask anything you like. We love to hear your stories about wild birds!

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Millet Bird Seed 
What Are The Facts About White Proso Millet Bird Seed?
First: Which Wild Birds Like To Eat It?
White proso millet bird seed is a favourite or a …

Feeding Birds From Your Balcony 
I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building and would like to start feeding birds from my balcony.

I live in North Dakota, and not close to many …

Where to Place Bird Feeders 
Question- Where to Place Bird Feeders?

We are completely new to bird feeding, but we have a wonderful opportunity to do so in our new home.
We …

Suet Being Fed To Baby Chickadees  Not rated yet
I have a suet feeder (use commercial suet bought from Home Depot) “Woodpecker’s Favorite” type.

Anyway, a lot of birds have always visited this feeder, …

Bird Feeder Problems  Not rated yet
Confused Birds?

The problem is… Nobody goes to the right feeders even though I have a wide variety filled with the right food.

I have many, …

Hand Feeding Birds Not rated yet
Eastern Phoebe Has Befriended Us

About a month ago an Eastern Phoebe, who we’ve named Tweet, started visiting people on my street.

Tweet likes …

Hanging Suet Feeder Not rated yet
Recently, while on vacation, I saw a suet feeder hanging high up from the deck of a condo.

I had never seen one exactly like it and started searching …

Sunflower Seed Buried In Clumps Not rated yet
Something is planting big wads of black-oil sunflower seeds in my flower pots that are around the corner from my bird feeders, maybe 15 or 20 feet away. …

What Type of Feeder is This? Not rated yet
Is this some type of bird feeder?

If so, is it missing glass sides.

What type of food would be used?

It’s very heavy, like cast iron.

Stopping Feeding Our Wildlife Due to Moving Not rated yet
Question: How Can We Stop Feeding Our Wildlife Before We Move?

We have been feeding our birds and squirrels for many years now. Unfortunately we will …

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Questions Asked & Answers Given

Bird feeders FAQ provides lots of great bird feeding info.

Read what other backyard birders have to say about their favourite hobby; what they are asking and what others have to say to help them with their problems.

I have been asked so many questions over the years since starting this website, and before, when we owned our wild bird store.

Very good questions that most of us need the answer to at some time in our backyard bird feeding experience.

Questions about bird feeders or bird houses or backyard bird feeding problems.

If you are looking for products that will solve your problems look in the right sidebar near top under Birding Supplies. (On a phone or other small device? Keep scrolling.)

Wild Bird Info Is Something To Share

So, I decided to share what my readers ask, and provide my answers for your information.

I am also going beyond that and opening up this page to further questions, which will be viewed by other readers.

AND if anyone feels they have something to contribute as a help to a question that has been asked, I extend a warm welcome to do so.

Or if you have some interesting wild bird info you think others would like to read, please share it here.

I will answer you in private and not share it with everyone if that is your wish.)

How to Find Answers to Bird Feeding Problems?

There is often more than one solution to any problem.

I am looking forward to learning what other people have done to solve problems in order to make watching our backyard birds even more enjoyable!

The form is easy to fill out and you can even share your pictures if you like!

So please feel free to ask something or contribute a solution to help someone else out.

Or perhaps you just have a great idea you would like to share here on our Bird Feeders FAQ page.

Thank You for Sharing on Bird Feeders FAQ

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions in advance, whether it is a shared story, question or an answer, all will be a help to each other!

Please include your email, so I can contact you privately to clarify information if necessary.

I will not post your email on the page, promise.

Thank you for participating!

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