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Be Like the Birds ~ Bear Gifts

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For the New Bird Watcher & the Seasoned Birder

Bird watching equipment as gifts are the best received items.

Every bird lover has something they would like or feel they need to make their hobby even more enjoyable.

There is something for everyone!

The "hard to buy for" slogan does not apply here.

There is always a piece of birding gear that would make a great addition to the best hobby on the planet.

Give one of the suggestions listed below and be delighted that you gave just the right thing!

You will be the hero!

You can Never Go Wrong Giving a  Beautiful
New Hummingbird Feeder!

See Our Full Selection Here!

Best Nectar Feeders & Accessories

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Important Hummingbird Feeder Accessories

Nectar Feeder Brushes ~ My Top Picks

Good for "poop" build-up.

A great set small enough to get into narrow necks on nectar bottles.

   Hummingbird feeder accessories here.    

Best Rated Bird Baths & Accessories

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Water Wiggler

Prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs & the sound of water moving attracts wild birds.

Hummingbirds love to swoop through to bathe and the sound of water is a magnet for them.

Top Picks For Bird Baths

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I have always looked for easy to clean surfaces. As well, in my experience, darker colours or green and blue giving the effect of water found in nature, attract birds better than solid light colours.

Hanging Bird Baths

Ground Bird Baths

See Drippers, Misters, Jigglers, Bubblers & Solar Fountains for attracting wild birds.

Supplying Water In Winter For Wild Birds
~ My Top Picks~

Bird Watching Equipment as Gifts to Solve Problems

Know a Bird Watcher Who Battles With Squirrels?

These feeders will solve the problem!

Guaranteed that squirrels cannot eat from these feeders.

Just think what a hero you will be when your bird loving relative or friend is not battling these little furry animals any more!

Yankee Flipper

I'm sneaking this one in, The Sky Cafe, because it is good at

keeping squirrels out and it is really good looking!

What About the Mess?

Have You Heard Grumblings About the Mess
Under the Bird Feeder?

Fix It For Them!

Best Recommendations for Catching Seed
& Shells to Prevent a Mess on the  Ground

Bird Houses are Always an Appreciated Gift!

See The Full Selection Here!

 Best Bird Houses &
Building Bird Houses Book Recommendations

How To Build A Bird House Books

Bird Watching Equipment as Gifts

Bird Identification Field Guides & Software

North America

Eastern North America

Western North America

thayer birding software

Would You like to be able to:

  • Know by sight all the birds that visit Your backyard?
  • Identify the birds You hear on a walk?
  • Answer the question, "What bird is that?".

You Can!

Additional Information About the Program

To get version 7.5 just open version 7, click "Help" and then click "Check for Updates"

This computer program is exactly what anyone needs to become the local bird expert. Take one of the 700 quizzes included - or create your own! Select one of four different quiz formats (we like "Flash Card Quizzes" and "Pick One Quizzes" the best.)

Find out about a bird's favorite habitat and behavior. Discover what type of nest each builds, how many eggs they lay and what they eat. The 700 page book called The Birder's Handbook is included in electronic format.

Keep track of the birds you see and print a variety of life lists and reports. Find photos of the five birds most often confused with your bird. Use the Identification Wizard to enter color, size, habitat, location and more to quickly identify those "mystery birds."

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Would Your Special Person Like a Lovely "Birdy" Item?

Wild Birds Lead the Way at Night!

No Time? Not Handy?
You Don't Have to Go Without!

Would You Like to Give a Grafty Gift? No Worries,

Someone Else has Done it for You

More Bird Watchers Gift Options

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