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Young Birder Program from
Thayer Birding Software

We would like one million kids to download our birding software, use it and get excited about nature and conservation.

At No Charge!

When Ordering Use These Codes:

  • For Kids to get it free – WildBirdScoopYoungBirder
  • For college and grad students to get a 50% discount by using the code  STUDENT
  • Teachers can get a 50% discount by using the code  TEACHER


birding software review

What do You Get in Thayer’s Birding Software Tool?

  1. Information on 989 wild birds
  1. 989 Range Maps Associated with each bird.
  1. 6528 Photos of wild birds and related pictures.
  1. 1,503 Wild Bird Songs
  1. 553 Professional Style Videos
  1. 700 Entertaining and Educational Quizzes
  1. The Birder’s Handbook – Read Simon & Schuster and Amazon’s review of this book below, which is included in this software.
  1. A Field Guide – Guide to Birds of North America by Thayer Birding
  1. Identification Wizard: This well-designed tool will assist you in identifying the birds you see and hear. It will help you to hone your skills at learning which features to look at that will give you the most help in identification.
  1. Sightings and Life List Reports
  1. View Just Birds of Your Area
  1. Side-by-side Comparisons
  1. Custom Lists
  1. View Similar Birds
  1. Internet Reference Sites
  1. My Comments Section – to add your sightings & pictures
  1. Display Bird Names 10 Ways
  1. Band Codes Abundance Maps
thayer birding software version 7 for windowsThayer Birding Software Version 7 for Windows
Thayer Birding Software Version 7 for MacThayer Birding Software Version 7 for Mac

]Let’s start out with a few opinions from other users about Thayer Birding Software. You will hear my honest opinion further on.

Thayer Birding Software Reviews
From Users

Deb B – You want to know how I like the program?  I LOVE IT!  I use it all the time in my work as a Zone Biological Science Technician with the Forest Service at Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests here in in Arizona.

Bill P – I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that your birding software is excellent and could not be surpassed even if anyone tried.  I am sure a lot of bird watchers and students are really enjoying your program.  It has everything anyone would need or want.

Jim C (President and Founder – Wild Birds Unlimited) – I love your latest Version and recommend it to anyone who expresses an interest in learning more about birds.

Craig S – By the way, my grandkids love your birding software.  Every time they visit we have to spend time looking at the birds, listening to their sounds, and watching the short videos.  The Pileated Woodpecker, Great Gray Owl, and Ruffed Grouse are favorites.  I was really surprised when my 3 year grandson asked to see the Great Gray Owl and did a great sound imitation!

I just wanted you to hear what others are saying, right off the get go, so you don’t think this birding software review is biased because, I am a big fan.

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Hummingbirds The Jewelled Warriors

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Thayer Birding Software Review highlights version 7 which has recently been released for both Windows and Mac computers with free updates available going forward.

This is how a Field Guide page looks.

Field Guide ViewerField Guide Viewer

How Easy is It to Use?

  • Excellent, clear, easy to follow instructions for installing. (Read my personal experience below.)
  •  Extensive help showing you how to use this incredible tool.

 The help instructions come in many different venues:

       How-to YouTube videos 

         A Users Guide/Help Manual

         FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

         A newsletter to keep you up-to-date

        Facebook page for Thayer Birding Software users

        ✓ A forum dedicated to Thayer Birding Software

        ✓ Technical help is available for any techie problems you encounter.

This is what you see when you select “5 Similar” birds to view.

birding software to compare birds

This is what you see when you select
“See all the birds in the same family”.

software to compare birds in groups

5 Best Points about Thayer Birding Software

1. The “easy to use” identification wizard. It really helps in developing your skill to quickly look at the right parts of a bird to be able to identify it.

2. The field guide is interactive. There is extensive information about 989 wild birds that you may be curious about. Many have videos, bird song recordings, range map, links to websites, space for your own notes and sightings, viewer to look at other birds that are similar to the bird you are looking at and other birds in the same family and there is more… This part of the program is also linked to #3.

3. The Birders Handbook by Paul Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin and Darryl Wheye. A book you can buy on Amazon for $20 US is included in this software and connected to the field guide portion of the program. Truly delightful and makes any bird search you are doing complete!

4. 700 entertaining and educational quizzes that come with photos and sound. An awesome teaching aid.

5. Getting all this and more for the price. This is definitely one of the best 5 points.

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Detailed Range Maps Beside Individual Bird Descriptions

range map of the marsh wrenMarsh Wren Range Map

red-tailed hawk range mapRed-tailed Hawk Range Map

What Makes it Stand Out from Other Birding Software?

I am not sure there is anything that is comparable to this program. 

There are much smaller programs that download to your phone or other mobile device which are very handy when you are out in the field. They are designed to help you on the go. Their purpose is focused on identification only.

There are other programs that offer the ability to keep track of your life list.

But nothing that offers the comprehensive, all-in-one features that this amazing program offers. 

You can Compare 2 Birds Side by Side

compare 2 buntingsSee the Difference Between 2 Buntings

Compare Overhead Views

Compare overhead views, same species or different ones, male to female, range maps, flip pic or play the song, view horizontally or vertically with larger images. Use drop down menus to choose different photos of each bird or watch the YouTube video about side-by-side comparisons.

compare overhead views of vulturesCompare Overhead Views of Vultures

Would I Recommend It?


That’s why I wrote this birding software review.

Thayer Birding Software is an all encompassing tool. The value far out-weighs the cost. 

Read the description next of just The Birders Handbook which is only a part of this program.

Then go back up to the list on this page of the other wonderful features in the Thayer Birding Software.

It will blow you away as you begin to realize what you will have at your fingertips to help you enjoy your backyard birds.

I know it blew me away.

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The Birders Handbook

Remember the “The Birders Handbook” is included in this software. The book is a respected asset all on its own and just brings added value to Thayer Birding Software.

The book on its own is worth over twenty dollars, but you will not have to buy it separately. 

The Birders Handbook
by Paul Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin and Darryl Wheye

This is what Simon & Schuster & Amazon have to say on their websites about this book.

This is the most complete and authoritative reference book about the birds of North America — up to date and in field-guide format. 

The Birder’s Handbook is the first of its kind: a portable library of fascinating information not included in your identification guide. For each of the 646 species of birds that breed in North America, The Birder’s Handbook will tell you at a glance: 

* Where the bird nests, and which sex(es) build(s) the nest; 

* How many eggs the bird lays, what they look like, which parent incubates and for how long, and how the young are cared for; 

* Food preferences and foraging habits. 

You will also find information about displays and mating, wintering, conservation status, and much more. In addition, The Birder’s Handbook contains some 250 short essays covering all aspects of avian natural history.

What are the Draw Backs?

Almost none.

You can’t always take your computer along, but it could be installed on a mobile device if you have a device running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (or Mac 10.4 – 10.10) 

But you can use the Custom List feature to download lists of birds to iTunes. 

From there you can import the songs and a photo of each bird to your phone.

6500 Gorgeous Color Photos

king eiderKing Eider

rose-breasted grosbeakRose-breasted Grosbeak

Who is this Software Suitable for & is it a Good Gift?

This birding software would make an excellent gift for anyone who is interested in bird watching or nature in general:




Bird watching groups or clubs

Teachers – Buy one for your child’s or Grandchild’s teacher.



Church Sunday School – what better way to help kids appreciate what has been given to them.

Local Politicians

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Where  Can You Buy It?

Right here on this website.

I hope you will purchase this wonderful tool right here from my website. I will make a commission on the sale which makes it possible for me to continue providing the information and support here on this website for free.

Thayer Button

The actual working space for “My Comments”

red-headed woodpeckerMy Comments Window

What the “My Comments” window looks like after clicking OK

painted bunting‘My Comments” window after clicking OK

thayer birding software review

Are You Hesitating Because of the “download” Part?

Read my experience.

I love this software. It is very easy to download.

Please don’t think

“Of course it is easy for you, you built this website so you are used to doing stuff like that!”.

And you would be right if that is your reaction. I do download and do a lot of stuff like that. But it’s just like plugging stuff in like my cell phone for instance. That’s simple, right? Yet when my phone needs to be re-charged I can spend 30 seconds or more trying to get the charger to fit into my phone. Clutsy I suppose but none the less stuff like downloading can go just as well for me. ?

So this is how my download went with Thayer Birding Software. I purchased the program (Actually my hubby bought it for me!) which comes with amazingly clear, easy instructions to follow. Really! 

I carefully followed all the instructions, step by step. I even read them a couple of times to make sure I was clear about what to do. Then I kept a close eye on the instructions as I went through the process making sure I did it correctly, not assuming I knew because of my experience. ? 

It was easy and I was successful! It takes a little time to download the 6 files which is dependent on the speed of your internet connection.  

I made the folder on my desktop, named it TBS as instructed and then things got a little busy around here. I couldn’t get back to the files to unzip them right away so I had to leave it for a week.

It’s important to download all 6 files within the specified time limit after the purchase. There is plenty of time, but if you don’t get it done then the link will not be accessible after the specified amount of time. This is necessary to prevent people from cheating and give the files to others who haven’t payed. (A form of theft, right?)

When I went back to finish the installation the next week, I opened my folder on my desktop named TBS and guess what? There were only 5 files! I must have gotten pulled away from the downloading process before completing #6, then assumed I had finished them all.

So you see even someone who has had experience, can mess up. And of course then I had to contact the company and you never know how that will go.

So I emailed Thayer Birding Software and received a response right away. I had offered to send in a copy of payment when I emailed them, which would have been a reasonable request on their part. But there was no questions asked and no waiting. Within literally minutes I received the #6 file. From my first realization that I didn’t have the file, to having it downloaded on my computer not even 15 minutes had passed. That’s called excellent customer service in my books. 

Then one by one I unzipped the files starting with #6 as the information told me to do. The reason you unzip #6 first is #1 is the largest and recommended to be done last. I am not a great instruction follower. And that is perhaps why I have trouble sometimes, as I sometimes assume I know how it should be done. But I did follow the order of things as given this time which led to a quick and easy installation. Now I have the Thayer Birding Software logo sitting on my desktop. When I click the logo, my program opens up and I am ready to go!

And it is well worth the price, which I think is very reasonable and well worth the trouble of downloading. If it hadn’t been for my own mistake it would have been smooth going all the way.

Just a little hint if you are not familiar with downloads:

It is important to remember that when you download a program to your computer from the internet two things have to happen. First, the files have to download which means they go from the place where you purchased them on the internet to your computer.

Now they are sitting on your computer. Many programs instantly begin the second step which is to install the program on your computer. That is why many times your computer will ask you if you will allow this program access to your computer.

But instead of instantly installing itself Thayer Birding Software allows you to unzip each file to be installed yourself. My guess is it would be more expensive if they included a self installer in the download.

And as you know from my experience you can be assured their customer support is superb!

You can purchase your copy here.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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