Bird Watching Club

A bird watching club can be a very enjoyable and helpful group to belong to. Many clubs provide group activities and many more benefits such as:

  • birding tours
  • bird watching holidays

  • a day long bird watching trip
  • recommend bird watching supplies
  • bring in speakers for the groups education and entertainment
  • provide materials for purchase at special events
  • networking

A birding club offers a new perspective on your bird watching hobby.

Birding in your backyard can be a pleasant way to spend a few hours and belonging to a club can enhance the experience.

The sharing of knowledge on how to identify wild birds by sound or by flight can be very beneficial in knowing who is visiting your backyard.

The information learned from other members can take you beyond the birdguides to a whole new bird identification process.

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Bird Watching Trips in Your Area can be Exciting

Learning from the group where to go to find particular species in your area can be an eye opening experience. Many bird watchers are surprised to discover the vast array of wild birds that co-habit their own territory.

Watching wild birds can happen anytime of the year during summer, autumn, winter or spring.

If it is sunny and warm, the backyard patio, deck or lawn is a good venue to watch the wild birds in your backyard. But if it is raining, or the temperatures are freezing, you can still enjoy the birds, watching through the windows from the comfort of your home.

But when you belong to a bird watching club, there will undoubtedly be die-hard weather warriors that will venture forth in any conditions. They would likely enjoy the company of others to show them the joy of birding in inclement weather.

Bird Watching Tours or Holidays

Many people enjoy taking a trip elsewhere during the snowy winter months when it is more difficult to take a local bird watching trip.

A birding club member may be able to make recommendations on birding tours and birding holidays.

Some members may have been on bird watching trips before and therefore will be able to give some guidance as to where to go and possibly suggest a reputable company.

A local tour guide or travel agency may be invited to speak to the group, to provide information about birding tours too.

What Bird Watching Supplies Will I Need?

Bird watching does not have to be an expensive hobby. All you need is some plant life, (trees, shrubbery or flowers) and birds will visit your yard.

 If you don’t have a yard then a bird watching club will be very helpful in helping you to locate the best bird watching spots.

Here is a list of supplies to consider:

Hiking Boots
  • You will need good walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses and clothing that is appropriate for the weather you will meet that day.

First Aid Kit

  • A first aid kit will come in handy if you develop blisters from your foot wear or need a bandage for a cut.

Backpack To Carry Birding Supplies & Snacks
  • Bird watching equipment might consist of birdguides, note pad, pencil and/or pen, water, snacks.

  • You could choose to purchase a digital camera binocular and save carrying a camera and a pair of binoculars.

Bird Watching Cameras

Some groups may be fortunate enough to have nature photographers among them who can give advice on purchasing and the use of a wildlife camera.

Most cameras that you and I would use are not specific to bird watching alone but are designed to capture detail quickly, at a distance.

A steady hand is of course helpful. But if you don’t have one or think your arms may get tired, then a tripod would solve the problem.

The camaraderie of sharing your passion with other members of a bird watching club is very worthwhile and will only serve to further augment your enjoyment of the hobby that you love.

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