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Always an Appreciated Gift!

 Best Bird Houses, Roosting Boxes &
Building Bird Houses Book

Buy a bird house that suits the type of wild birds that live in your area

to assist them in raising their family successfully.

A well designed bird house has:

  1. ventilation holes
  1. a door for cleaning out nest leftovers
  1. proper sizing to attract certain birds
  1. proper entrance hole size for species specific birds
  1. no perches (which only aid predators access)
  1. cedar wood also resists rot and insect damage

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Bluebird Boxes

These 4 choices have extra protection around the entrance holes to make it more difficult for predators to enter.

Chickadee & Wren Houses

With cavity spaces and entrance holes just the right size.

Owl Boxes

Will bring these magnificent predators closer to help rid the area of rodents.

Purple Martin House & Gourds

Purple Martins and Swallows are colony nesters which means they like to nest close to others of their species.

Gourd Bird Houses

Natural gourd bird houses are most loved by wild birds.

Decorative Bird Houses

Buy a decorative bird house that is also functional, with a door for cleaning and proper entrance hole size, then you and the wild birds that will be attracted are both happy.

Buy A Bat Box

Roosting Boxes & Roosting Pockets

How To Build A Bird House Books

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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