Hummingbird Feeder Food

Hummingbird Feeder Food by Clare Taylor (Conrwall, UK) Question What Health Problems Does Hummingbird Nectar Cause? Following a recent trip to Costa Rica we learned that the growth of the use of sugar water in hummingbird feeders is leading to a form of diabetes in hummingbirds, plus negatively affecting the pollination of plant species reliant … Read more

Hummingbird FAQ With Helpful Questions and Answers

Hummingbird FAQ This Hummingbird FAQ will answer a lot of your questions about these fascinating little birds. Questions about their food, migration or any other question you may have. Tiniest Birds In The World There are 2 dozen pages on this website of engaging information about the tiniest birds on the planet. You will find … Read more

Common Backyard Bird Types The Unusual And Rare

Common Backyard Bird Types, The Unusual & Rare Know Your Visitors! I promise this is not a list of boring bird facts! Although I must clarify that even a bird profile with a list of “just the facts” are of great interest to read for me. ? Bird types of an eclectic collection have been … Read more

Great Backyard Bird Stories Are Touching And Teach Us About Life

Great Backyard Bird Stories:“Tails” of Avian Visitors Home › Backyard Bird Stories There are interesting backyard bird stories here that relate an experience or a belief that someone or a group of people have experienced. Some of these tales of feathered friends were submitted to one of our annual Story Contests, others are from friends … Read more

Allen’s Hummingbird Family

Allen’s Hummingbird Family by Noel Laflin (Orange, Ca.) Fertile Myrtle Weather forecasters dubbed the approaching storm, Lucifer. And when it did finally make landfall one late Friday afternoon in mid February 2017, it lived up to its name and struck with a wicked punch. Preparations to our house had already been put in place – … Read more