Woodpeckers In Nevada: 14 Of The State’s Most Common Species

Woodpeckers In Nevada

It shouldn’t surprise you to encounter a woodpecker at least once around Nevada, considering this Picidae family is widespread across the world’s woodlands. You’ll know if you stumble upon one of them because of their unique, wood-penetrating beaks. They mostly spend their days noisily hammering away, which is why you’ll probably have no difficulty finding … Read more

Woodpeckers In Nebraska: Try To Find All 13 Species

Woodpeckers In Nebraska

The state of Nebraska is known for its vast outdoors. This makes it a habitat to 13 known species of woodpeckers, four of which are permanent state residents. Others are reported to migrate during different seasons. Spotting woodpeckers in Nebraska can be easy if you know where to look. In this article, we’ll look at … Read more

Woodpeckers In Montana: Find All 10 Species Here

Woodpeckers In Montana

Woodpeckers tend to make their homes in timberlands, forests, backyards — anywhere trees are readily accessible. Luckily for these winged animals, Montana boasts plenty of natural spaces, including Bitterroot and Flathead National forests, which they can claim as home. Ten different woodpecker species can be spotted in the Treasure State, and with a bit of … Read more

Woodpeckers In California: Look Out For All 14 Species

Woodpeckers In California

Stretching from the Mexican borders in the south to the State of Oregon in the North, California is home to 450 different bird species. There are several attractive parks, in addition to the Giant Redwoods that would definitely attract the attention of birds.  Woodpeckers are quite common in California and are likely to be seen … Read more

Woodpeckers In Arizona: 14 Need-To-See Species

Woodpeckers In Arizona

Arizona is a big state with varying geography, contrasting elevations with mountains and canyons, and a wildly differing climate. You could find snow in the ski resorts of Tucson, forests in Northern Arizona, and a scalding desert as you get closer to Nevada.  This state is also home to national forests, parks, and preserves. This … Read more

Woodpeckers In Virginia: Try To Spot All 8 Species

Woodpeckers In Virginia

History lovers know that Virginia is the birthplace of a nation because it’s the first permanent English settlement site. It’s also the Mother of Presidents because eight Virginia-born gentlemen managed to hold the honorable office of the American president, including four of the first five presidents.  But what you may not know is that there … Read more

Woodpeckers In Wyoming: 14 Must-See Species

Woodpeckers In Wyoming

The state of Wyoming is the tenth-largest in the United States, but at the same time, it’s the least populated of all 50 states. Wyoming is known for many things, but not for its main transportation hubs or busy cities, which is excellent news for the state’s wildlife and their habitats. Anywhere you go in … Read more