How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch

Three 3 birds sitting on a porch. Text reads "how to keep bird off your porch."

How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch There are few things worse than a build-up of bird poop splattered across your deck or porch. Walking outside to shoo them away is never permanent. They always come back, flaunting their feathered behinds to mock you.  Well, no more.  Today is the day you get the upper … Read more

Wild Bird Rescue Is For The Trained Professional

Wild Bird Rescue What Should Be Done If A Wild Bird Needs Help? Wild bird rescue takes training and know-how. So what should you do if you find a feathered friend that needs help? In most cases you should probably do nothing yourself to render first aid to the bird in need. Baby birds especially … Read more

Gray Squirrel, One of 5 Types, Play Havoc At Bird Feeders

Gray Squirrel Or It’s Cousin’s Hear Our Beckoning Call! The Gray Squirrel, Like the Other’s, are Confused “Plan To Win With Gray Squirrels & The Others!” You have hung a bird feeder! So the invitation is sent, and now, you want to tell the squirrels, they are not invited! And truly they are in disbelief! … Read more

Bird Feeding Problems Can All Be Fixed

How To Fix Bird Feeding Problems “Understanding the problems, brings backyard peace” If, you are having a problem and do not find the answer listed in the right hand column and it is not in the 19 Fixes listed below then fill in the form at the bottom of this page by tapping this message. If … Read more