Pest Control At Bird Feeders

"How can I stop a Hawk
from hunting wild birds at my bird feeders?"

Pest control at bird feeders is necessary. Understanding all the pests that come to bird feeders and bird houses is essential before success at controlling them is possible. It is essential to understand wild bird behaviour and other wild animal behaviour too.

What is the Most Essential Factor?

An unsolicited animal will never show-up in a backyard bird feeding situation.

All who show up, consider themselves seduced by your ask.

If you put out a bird feeder with seed in it, the only one who knows who it is intended for, is you.

All wild animals with two legs or four, regard it as an invite.

But you have to understand this, in order to not, invite them.

Therefore a plan built with knowledge about wild bird behaviour and wild animal behaviour, is necessary.

Understanding this simple concept is the first step in being successful in attracting backyard birds and managing others who inevitably try to crash the party!

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Do You Know All The Callers At Your Bird Feeder?

All animals who show up are a result of critters trying to survive.

Some of the pests are only annoyances, because they consume large quantities of bird seed and drive away the wild birds we want to see at our bird feeders.

Quick Facts

Your feeders & bird bath are invitations.

All living things that eat seed, nuts, nectar, suet & drink water accept the invite.

Now we must manage the overture we have made.

Attracting wild birds to our gardens, to observe their behaviour and enjoy their beauty, is of course the reason we put up bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths in our backyards.

So we are not happy when they are being driven away.

But other pests that are drawn to our backyards are not attracted to the seed, but to the wild birds themselves.

This poses an even more serious problem as we have then created a situation of providing meals for predators such as cats, birds of prey, snakes, squirrels etc.

So to totally ignore how this situation is playing out in our backyard, is irresponsible, since we have invited all the visitors in the first place.

But on the other hand the tension between predator and prey is part of the course of nature.

We are only concerned here with a situation that tips the balance.

Anyone who puts up a bird feeder, fills it with seed and expects to successfully attract the wild birds they want to see, may be sadly disappointed.

A person must be willing to learn how to attract the birds they want to visit their yard, deter the unsolicited, and be ready to put some effort into this endeavour.

The solutions are not impossible or difficult.

But understanding that you have, asked everyone, who shows up, helps you to realize that you are the solution.

Pest control at bird feeders can be an aggravating pursuit, or a well planned, and managed victory.

Build a Different Plan To Stop Asking, Those You Did Not Mean to Ask in the First Place!

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