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Is SBI A Good Or Bad Host?

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Site Build It Review? What Is It?

Site Build It Review: Ken Evoy’s Route to SBI

Site Build It Review: Why I Started With SBI

SBI Review: No “Get Rich Quick!” Rhetoric Here

Solo Build It Review: What About the Techie Stuff

Site Build It Review: What You can Learn

SBI Review: External Resources

Site Build It Review: Forums

Site Build It Review: Friends & Mentors

Site Build It Review: Extra Charges

Site Build It Review: Criticism & Comparisons

Wealthy Affiliate Review: My Take

Wealthy Affiliate Review: “Bad Mouthing”

Site Build It Review? What Is It?

Welcome to my “take” on Site Build It.

This is not a formal Site Build It review.

It is my brief, well perhaps not so brief, commentary on eleven and a half years of working with a platform, wait… website building tool, wait… classroom, wait… resource centre, wait… business plan, wait…

I will stop there, as I am sure, you see my dilemma.

Something that offers so many facets of tools and wealth of knowledge is hard to describe in brevity.

That is my answer to “What Is It?”. It may seem a feeble description, but if you continue reading you will discover the breadth.

For clarity I would like to explain that SiteSell, Site Build It, Solo
Build It and SBI, all mean the same and are used in this review

I would like to tell you a little about my journey with using SBI, but in order to do that, I must first tell you about Ken Evoy.

Because without his journey being what it is, I would not be able to tell you mine.

His story opens the door for mine and thousands of others.

Site Build It Review: Ken Evoy’s Route to SBI

Ken Evoy, founder, chairman of the board at and leader of merit.

fear of being guilty of being called a groupie, I have to tell you,
this man is worthy of praise! (Ooops, I could catch it from some, for
saying that.;))

But the truth must be told.

He has flaws. I know this because he is human.

But unlike many humans, he uses his abilities, gifts and strengths well.

We all cannot say that. I can only tell you what I know.

Ken Evoy has honed his varied talents over the years and he deserves to
receive accolades for not only his many achievements, but his fervent
quest to make other peoples lives better.

He started out
studying to be a medical doctor in Canada and being Canadian, I know he
had to be smart to have been accepted to med school and to have
graduated back then.

He and his wife Janice, as years went by, also invented toys for children and became very successful at it.

some years later he wrote a series of e-commerce books and courses for
small businesses who’s goal it is to sell products or services online.
The books flourished.

The next step was to begin building a platform where people could host their businesses online. was born!

rushed through telling you his story, but I encourage you to think
about what Ken Evoy and his wife Janice, have accomplished.

How many of
us can attest to that kind of achievement?

Read Ken Evoy’s full biography here.

So to continue on with my narrative…

Site Build It Review: Why I Started With SBI

My story’s beginning, sounds very similar to the person I am going to quote next.

Many other people will be able to relate to it as well.

Maybe it will ring familiar for you too.

The quote is from a SiteSell users own SBI review. A visitor left this message in the comment box.

Maybe you are feeling right now as this person expresses:

“I just shared your quote “Choosing a wide, saturated niche like, say…
‘How to make money online’ is ludicrous.” He continues “on
Facebook, and credited you, linking to your website, it was so
inspirational, with so much garbage being sold to us online with all the
companies trying to sell get rich quick affiliate marketing schemes. I
must admit, I am glad I found this post, I was almost buying into all
the BS sold online. Thanks!”

That is exactly where I was twelve years ago when I was searching for a
platform to build my site.

I was so overwhelmed by the voices telling me it
was going to be quick  and easy.

They said I would be able to quit my job
soon, throw out the idea of ever having a boss again, work from home
and live the way of my dreams.

In my inner being I knew that wasn’t
true, but if you listen to something again and again, it starts to take

For several months I searched the internet.

SBI kept popping up. It was different. 

site build it reviewSo Many Voices Saying “Make Lots of Money, NOW”

SiteSell was telling me that it would take hard work and commitment!

They said I would have to be prepared to work on my website step by step, following the 10 step Action Guide.

SBI promised to be there all the way and provide the tools, support and how-to that I needed.

I already knew what I wanted to make my site about. I had, and have, a hobby that I believe in and love.

Ken Evoy’s words hit home for me, when, he encouraged people to build content sites around what they know and have passion for.

Ken Evoy discovered and developed a formula when creating Site Build It:

Content > Traffic > Pre-sell > Monetize

This was the “secret sauce” Ken Evoy speaks about, that brokered entrepreneurial success.

The search engines loved it and rewarded SBI sites that used the sauce.

See for yourself.

SBI Review: No “Get Rich Quick!” Rhetoric Here

SBI stated that their program was not a get rich quick formula and
kept repeating it would take learning, diligence, following the action guide and staying power.

Not everyone wants to hear that.

Build It teaches that website building is not a race, with a finish line
at the end.

Remember This Story & Who Won?

The Infamous Race Between the Tortoise & the Hare

sbi review the tortoise waySlow & Steady Builds Freedom

get rich quick schemeGet Rich Quick Schemes Promote Easy Power

We were encouraged to think of the example of the tortoise,
not the hare, by patiently implementing the proven way to success.
Follow the plan, don’t miss anything, and stay the course.

promised that they would lead and guide me with an array of help in many
different forms and would never leave me to my own devices to languish
in the depths of cyber world.

This rang true to me every time I read it.

It seemed honest.

the other voices promising wealth in a short time, just brought to mind
that old saying, “if something sounds too good to be true, then it
probably is”.

And don’t get me wrong! I would have loved for those other voices to be true.

But I knew deep inside me that they were not.

Solo Build It Review: What About the Techie Stuff

I was a complete novice as far as building websites was concerned.

What did I know about how to type stuff into my computer and have it come out a website! Ha!

My experience with computers at that time revolved around a Word Perfect course I had taken in 1993!

My only experience at that time with the internet was in the late 90’s. I was part of a team to start a travel ezine about the area we lived in.

My husband and I worked with a friend who was the tech part of our team.

An ezine was a new concept in those days, just beginning to become known.

But I knew back then that the internet was the future and I wanted in.

Nearly ten years later, in 2006, after searching for 6 months, I jumped
in, being convinced that Site Build It was the right choice.

Life has gotten in the way sometimes. I have lost my focus several times.

I have started several different sites over the years.

Even though Ken Evoy advises not to have more than one site.

reason he says this is, because of the immense effort and time it takes
to build a successful content website that will become an accomplished
business and provide good income.

My first site is the one that endures with any strength, of all the sites I started.

Site Build It Review: What You can Learn

During my years of website building I have learned so very much.

A whole new world can open up to you if you have the desire and will, too.

I actually built a website using HTML! It was a template with
how-to-instructions developed by another SBIer. I learned so much! I was
terribly proud of myself!

And even though I use SBI’s new drag and drop system now exclusively, my HTML knowledge always comes in handy.

the basics of HTML (if one can describe HTML as having basics ? ), has
not been the only new skill I learned in the course of my 11 plus years
with Site Build It.

 –> I have learned to manipulate photos in a graphic design program.

 –> My
writing skills have grown leaps and bounds over the years.

I can now
sit down to write an article and have it completed before my plants die
from lack of water.

I am not producing Pulitzer Prize winning material, but I have most definitely come a very long way.

get sbi smile

I now have the ability to use other programs that offer assistance to
web developers. For tasks such as creating and sending newsletters,
graphic programs, offering surveys or a myriad of other services,
without groaning and tripping all over their platform.

I take
great joy in having grown comfortable with tackling their differences
and being able to transition from one platform to another.

 –> I am comfortable using a variety of social platforms due in large part
to the SBI forums. We enjoy the freedom to share, ask questions and
discuss our social involvements with each other. There are excellent
teaching aids about each social platform as well.

This is all credited to my experience with using Site Build It.

 –> And SEO, is accomplished through proper website development.

SBI Review: External Resources

Solo Build It offers a very valuable service by keeping it’s users abreast of chatter in cyber world.

Links to external sources are always included with encouragement to read the information for oneself.

Online events, threats or information becomes available to website developers through experts in forums and social platforms.

It is very important to know what is going on in ones industry. If a threat is known in advance then precautions can be taken to prevent harm.

This has happened many times over the years. SBI has acted to save website owners using it’s service, thousands of dollars by taking measures before the threat occurs.

sbi read all about it

I have also witnessed SiteSell go to great expense financially and
manpower expenditure to remedy an attack that could not have been
avoided to help SBIers recover any loss.

It would be a monumental task to have to keep up with all the news out their along with building ones website business.

building is demanding on its own without the commitment of time
required to read multiple forums daily, to keep up with what is going on
in the internet.

We all rely on the news media to communicate
world events and those who use SBI have the same service extended to them from the
internet at large.

A necessary undertaking to stay competitive.

all have our strengths and therefore I am happy to rely on others to
interpret what news in the online superhighway is significant to know.

Site Build It Review: Forums

Site Build It forums are a great place to ask about, and hear
about things, like scams, new add-on support services or just plain, “what works”.

So often I would not have been able to
decipher what was being said and what the application would mean to my site.

Because of
SiteSell’s support through the forums, newsletters, and dashboard alerts, I feel comfortable that I am being kept aware of what is necessary for me to know about what is taking place on the

And when I hear about something that I do not understand, I have a place to go to ask
people I trust.

The SBI forums also offer places to discuss anything that is on your
mind or questions you might have that do not relate to SBI or site

That is a great help. To have the world at your finger tips to ask of, and chat with.

Is it perfect? Just let me say, humans are involved. Are we perfect?

Which leads me to…

Site Build It Review: Friends & Mentors

solo build it review friends

Other forum members are not just voices in the air, they are friends!
Who I have become fond of, and enjoy the company of, from all over the globe!
We help each other and mentor one another, in our strengths and weaknesses.
It’s absolutely rich!
Nothing else can be said about it.

Site Build It Review: Extra Charges

Ah, oh ya, there are none…

There is never additional charges levied for all the extra benefits that Solo Build It provides. One fee is all that is charged, paid either on a yearly or monthly basis.

Site Build It Review: Criticism & Comparisons

If you have been searching for a solid website building platform and
came across my experience in this Site Build It review, I hope it has
been helpful to you in making your choice.

Whether it is SBI or another platform you choose, I want to help. And I invite you to contact me if you have questions.

Maybe you have encountered some negative evaluations of Solo Build It. Now you are confused and looking for more assessments.

There is a company out there called Wealthy Affiliates that has made one of their goals, to bring down.

I know, it’s absolutely hard to understand why so much effort is being spent on that end!

But that is what is happening.

And that is my major reason in writing this Solo Build It Review.

So that anyone searching for a platform to build a website will not be jaded into thinking these negative and sometimes vitriolic reviews have validity.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: My Take

I visited a couple of Wealthy Affiliate reviews to see what was being
said about SBI.

I have been using SBI to build my websites for eleven
and a half years, so of course it was important to me to know what was
going on.

Please read on as I share my views of what I discovered.

I would like to continue by sharing a comment made at the bottom of a Wealthy Affiliate review site.

The reviewer was comparing WA with another product not SBI. It was a constructive, well written comparative:

“I don’t like reviews that spend pages of words “bad mouthing” this, that or the other. You have done a superb comparison.”

The commenter, expresses her desire not to be involved with negativity.

wonder what she will do, if she continues her search, and discovers the
multiple adverse appraisals from other WA members, about Solo Build It?

Will the gloom she reads in those appraisals cause her to join WA when she has, so clearly, expressed her dislike for
recusant evaluations?

Thankfully, not everyone will be taken in by
Wealthy Affiliate’s negative campaign.

The negativity being expressed
will likely hurt them.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: “Bad Mouthing”

My first observation is, doesn’t the quantity of negative reviews only speak to the validity of Site Build It?

Yes, we all know that however unfortunate it may be, when people are happy with something, they are often silent.

But when people are disgruntled they will express their dissatisfaction with great gusto.

A common downside of human nature.

I find the number of negative Wealthy Affiliate opinions is inordinately numerous.

So I must conclude one or two things are going on.

1. First someone is holding an immense grudge against Site Build It or Ken Evoy the founder.

To focus so much time, effort and money on attempting to destroy an organization or person is irrational.

2. Second is that people are being paid to write these reviews.

And that is exactly what is happening with the WA reviews.

They are collecting affiliate fees.

Have you noticed all the ads plastered over the pages?

Those are affiliate ads and when a visitor to that page clicks on one, intentionally or unintentionally, the author gets paid.

I believe this speaks to the contriving of a smear campaign.

One WA review page I read, that was written about Site Build It, was incredibly scathing and full of personal emotion.

The page was peppered with video ads that played automatically when they were scrolled into view.

The ads were incredibly annoying and the tone of the words incredulous.

So anyone clicking on an ad will cause that reviewer to gain, from doing nothing better with their time, than to accuse a company or person falsely.

And indeed those reviews are fake.

Are there downsides to SBI? Yes.

Are errors made occasionally? Yes.

Has it ever happened that someone in the forums has been offended by what someone has said to them? Surely, it has occurred. It has happened to me.

But I didn’t turn and hurl accusations at that person, SBI or Ken Evoy.

If I thought I needed to answer that person, I did and I try to answer in a manner that causes the least controversy as possible.

We don’t have to stick around a forum, causing grief for everyone because we have an issue with something.

We have choices with what platforms to build our sites on and SBI is just one of those choices.

I seriously have to encourage You, that You will not receive the
training from any of the other website builders that You do with SBI.

They teach what, and why you need to do each step along the way.

Getting back to WA…

Yes, we are allowed to have opinions and express our views openly.

But what is to be gained in a cyber war?

Has the price paid in any of the wars fought on earth, been worth what was lost or had to be rebuilt.

In my opinion unless someone or group of people are being starved, enslaved or killed, then war is not worth the catastrophic loss, the effort and the resources it takes to wage it.

To the Wealthy Affiliates who would wage war on SBI, Ken Evoy or SBI users, I want to leave you with this quote:

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”

Bertrand Russell

To finish I would like to speak to those of you who are searching for a different way to make a living and found this Site Build It review.

If you are looking for a platform to build a website, with all my heart, I advise you to take your time in your choice.

And I encourage you to give SBI a try. You have a 90 day trial period.

Solo Build It!… Success. Real. Simple.

Solo Build It! for WordPress

You will learn a great deal in that time.

This is a long term commitment you are undertaking.

Give it careful thought.

Choose something that You feel fits with your values.

But if You choose another platform, choose something positive and I wish You the best!

Site Build It Review

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