Your Wild Birds Guide to
Fixing Backyard Bird Watching Problems

Will feeding and watching wild birds in your backyard be enjoyable and exhilarating all the time?

The truth is, problems will arise now and again, but all the help and guidance you need is right here.

Keep going...

There are things to be on the look out for...
And lots of enjoyment to be had!

Seasons bring changes for our avian visitors too.

There are many things you can do to bring birds up close for hours of exciting viewing.

There is a lot to learn about our feathered friends that will amaze you!

How To Attract Wild Birds?

Wild birds are attracted to our outdoor spaces with bird feeders filled with a variety of bird food, bird houses, plants, flowers, trees and especially bird baths with moving water.

But don't let the problems that will come along from time to time overwhelm you. There are ways to fix every obstacle.  (*v*)

If You Feed Wild Birds, You Will Have Problems...

You will have problems from time to time to resolve.

You may have found this site because you were looking for a solution to a backyard bird feeding dilemma.

We will help you fix the troubles you encounter so you can enjoy this wonderful hobby to the full extent.

If you have a question about anything to do with wild birds, ask our birding community here.

And maybe you might be able to help someone else out by answering their question.

Get Tips To Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems:

What bird feeders will help you attract the wild birds you want to see?

How to stop squirrels & the number one wild bird predator !*#?

 How to prevent piles of uneaten seed under your feeder!

Tips to stop Starlings and Blackbirds from owning Your feeders!

 How to attract birds to your yard with bird feeders & more?

✓ How to keep hummingbird feeders clean to prevent disease?

What type of bird house should you put up?

What are the best birding binoculars to use for bird watching?

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Tips on Best Backyard Bird Feeders & Where to Place Them

Including Best Hummingbird Feeders

Choosing the right location in your yard for the wild bird feeders is essential to help your efforts to attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

Whether a Hummingbird, Bluebird or Cardinal, is your favorite bird, or you just want any type of bird, I will provide the information necessary to help you populate your garden space with beautiful birds by helping you choose the right feeders and where to hang them.

Bonus 7 Part Series

Hummingbirds "The Jewelled Warriors"

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There are So Many Special Bird Watching Moments to See!

Your first feathered visitor to your wild bird feeder is a special exhilarating experience.

This feeling does not end after the first visitor either, but continues with the second and third...

  • A new type of wild bird you have never seen before at your wild bird feeder! Should I run for my bird identification book or just watch?
  • A young family of House Finches having their first frolic in your bird bath!
  • Little garden visitors flitting about your Hummingbird feeders and even feeding from your hand!

You will be able to find the answers to many questions like these and others too.

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What Will Attract Winged Visitors Faster, a Wild Bird Feeder or a Bird Bath?

The answer may surprise you. A bird bath will attract birds easier and faster than a bird feeder?

Plus if you add movement to the water your feathered friends will not be able to resist your invitation. Wild birds like many of their admirers love the sound of water.

And a bird bath will draw birds who normally would not be attracted to a feeder, like Warblers for instance.

Why Is One Baby Bird Raised in a Bird Nest & Others in a Bird House?

Wild birds raise their young in a fashion that is suited to their particular species' preferences and their environment.

Bird houses are another avenue to attract birds for close-up viewing. It is a wonderful experience to watch adult birds care for and raise their young.

There are many different places birds choose to build their homes and just as many different styles of nests that birds construct. But their purpose is the same, to raise their young safely and successfully to adulthood. 

Getting to know the nesting habits of wild birds is important.

Where Can You Find The Best Bird ID Guide?

Or Best Bird House, Best Bird Bath, Best Bird Seed...

Right here on this site.

Learn the requirements of a good bird house to attract the type of birds you wish to see in your garden.

Learn why it is important to provide water for your backyard birds all year.

Learn the benefits of good quality bird seed and save money.

What Bird Watching Equipment Should You Choose? 

To help you see the wild birds you want to see.

What Bird Watching Equipment Should You Choose? 

To help you see the wild birds you want to see.

If you are asking, "Who should I buy from...?", "What should I buy...?", " “Where can I buy…?”, there are products to purchase from this site with reviews, recommendations and ratings. Each product has a gold star rating from 1 to 5.

The best bird feeders to the best birding binoculars that are available on the market, are available here, but not necessarily the most expensive.

Watching Winged Wonders Fills Your Life With Joy!

But sorting through it all can be a daunting task!

Each product points to pages with great customer reviews which give you the very best indicator of a products worth, the experience of the people using them.

Product reviews are a great help when it comes time to purchase your bird watching equipment.

There are many outstanding manufacturers and distributors in the birding industry such as Duncraft, Achla, Allied Precision, Brome Bird Care, Droll Yankee, Aspects Feeders, Heritage Farms, Homestead, Perky Pet, Songbird Essentials, Woodlink "Audubon Series", Farm Innovators and many more.

You may not be aware that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology also produces fine birding equipment. 

I'll pass on what I learned from decades of feeding birds and owning a wildlife nature store.

I'll share my experiences selling great products and what customers told me about them.

Watching Backyard Birds

Your first feathered visitor to your bird feeders is a special exhilarating experience.

This feeling does not end after the first visitor either, but continues with the second and third...

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Watching Wild Birds Is A Good Way To Relax!

The list of exhilarating moments can go on and on. Songbirds at your bird feeders are awesome, but be careful!

But, “Why be careful?” you ask?

All bird supplies, including bird feeders and houses should come with the warning:

“Bird feeding can be addictive!”

Of course it’s not an “addiction” in the negative, destructive sense. It is a positive hobby, watching and learning about birds.

A pastime that enhances your life in so many ways. That has certainly been my experience. One that I am now eagerly sharing with you.

Many hours can pass by while you are entertained and feeling good watching your feathered friends and their antics.

You are invited to explore this web site to find out more about birds and the many aspects of backyard bird feeding and bird watching. I hope you will find this web site both educational and entertaining.

All pages on this website have links to related information to the page you are on, at the top of the right hand column and at the bottom of the page.

And remember this is a work in progress. There is ongoing information added regularly, please stop by often to check it out or sign up to receive updates.

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