Suet And Mealworm Problem

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Suet And Mealworm Problem

by Andrea


Suet and mealworm food in feeder going hard and mildew in the center of feed.

I have cleaned the feeders but do not know why this happened.

Hi Andrea

It is difficult to say what might be the problem without seeing your setup, but here are my suggestions:

1. If the suet and mealworm mixture you are using is not pre-mixed and you are putting them together in one feeder, I would suggest putting them out in separate dishes.

2. Is there a top or umbrella to keep your food from getting too much sun or rain.

3. The food is sitting wet in the feeder and therefore mold is able to flourish.

4. Try putting out smaller amounts, just enough to be eaten for the day.

5. Purchase a different brand of food as this one may be poor quality and have the mold spores in the food already.

I hope these suggestions help in some way.

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