Suet Being Fed To Baby Chickadees

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Suet Being Fed To Baby Chickadees

by Sherry Mason

(Austin, TX)

I have a suet feeder (use commercial suet bought from Home Depot) “Woodpecker’s Favorite” type.

Anyway, a lot of birds have always visited this feeder, but today I am seeing a Carolina Chickadee “parent”, getting a tiny scoop of the suet and flying over to a nearby limb, and feeding it to her babies which have recently fledged.

Now I am concerned that perhaps this is not the ideal baby bird food like larvae and bugs.

The mother bird is spending a lot of time at this suet feeder.

Should I remove the suet feeder for a while?

Hi Sherry

It may seem like too much for young birds, but I think the parent birds know what is best.

Suet is a very good high energy food for parent birds who need to spend time caring for and protecting their young.

It will also provide the young birds with lots of fuel to begin their new life outside the nest.

They will learn from their parents where the best sources of food are and how to get it.

The suet in your feeder will not be the only food the parents are feeding the youths.

It may seem like they are giving a lot of suet to the young birds but there will be many other sources too.

You have done a great service for your backyard birds by supplying suet for them at this crucial time of year, when natural sources are low.

Hope this helps and happy birding!



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