Arizona's Majestic Raptors: A Guide to Spotting Falcons

American Kestrel: Colorful Prowess

Admire the striking plumage of the American kestrel, a small but powerful falcon that thrives in Arizona’s open spaces.

Prairie Falcon: Sovereign of the Plains

Witness the subtle beauty of the prairie falcon, a master hunter of the state's grasslands and deserts.

Peregrine Falcon: The High-speed Hunter

Catch a glimpse of the peregrine falcon, renowned for its incredible diving speed and mountainous haunts.

Merlin: The Elusive Winter Visitor

Keep an eye out in winter for the merlin, a mysterious falcon species with a variety of stunning subspecies.

Gyrfalcon: The Arctic Visitor

Spot the rare and majestic gyrfalcon, the largest falcon species, during its winter visit to Arizona.

Aplomado Falcon: The Conservation Comeback

Seek the agile aplomado falcon in southeastern Arizona, a species making a comeback thanks to conservation efforts.

Crested Caracara: The Ground Forager

Look for the unique crested caracara, a falcon that prefers to hunt on the ground and can sometimes be seen in large groups.

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