A Bird's Home: Nest Box Placing Perfection

Correct Height is Crucial

Match the birdhouse height to the bird species you're targeting, with ranges from 4ft to 30ft.

Space Out Identical Species

Keep birdhouses for the same species appropriately distanced to respect their territorial nature.

Pair Up Compatible Species

Place birdhouses for friendly, different species close together for a diverse and peaceful bird community.

Direct Your Birdhouse Properly

Orient birdhouses to suit the preferences of specific birds and shelter them from harsh weather.

Distance from Feeders and Baths

Install birdhouses away from feeders and baths to provide a tranquil nesting area for birds.

Safeguard Against Predators

Use poles with baffles or tree guards to protect birdhouses from common predators.

Avoid Chemically Treated Areas

Site birdhouses away from agricultural or garden chemicals for a healthier bird habitat.

Visibility for Human Enjoyment

Position your birdhouse within view from your home or favorite outdoor spot, but not too close!

Keep Away from Human Bustle

Ensure birdhouses are not too close to human activity to maintain a safe space for bird nests.

Respect the Birds' Habitat Needs

Choose the right local habitat for the specific birds you want to attract to your birdhouses.

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