Orange Crowned Skies: North America's Vibrant Headed Birds

The Rusty-Hued Rufous Hummingbird

Catch a glimpse of the rufous hummingbird, a common sight in Northwestern summers and Southeastern winters.

Allen's Hummingbird: Coastal Charmer

Don't miss the territorial Allen's hummingbird, with its bright orange throat, along the coastal chaparral.

Western Tanager: A Spectacle of Scarlet and Orange

Spot the Western Tanager in coniferous forests, a solitary bird with a striking orange-blend head.

The Vibrant Variety of North American Orioles

Appreciate the diverse range of Orioles with orange heads, famous for their stunning nests in high trees.

Vermilion vs. Orange: The Flycatcher Debate

Witness the Vermilion Flycatcher, a Southern beauty, as it skillfully hunts flying insects.

Greater Prairie-Chicken: A Rare Booming Performer

Search for the elusive Greater Prairie-Chicken on the Great Plains, known for its vibrant head and elaborate courtship display.

Redhead Duck: A Diver of Lakes and Bays

Identify the Redhead Duck by its orange head, mostly seen in the South during winter.

Woodpeckers with a Fiery Touch

Discover the Red-Headed and Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers, each with uniquely hued heads and woodlands habitat.

Wading Birds with a Twist: Ruff and Avocet

Encounter the enigmatic Ruff and the graceful American Avocet in their preferred marshland habitats.

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