Avoid These 5 Cardinal Sin: Bird Feeding Blunders Unveiled!

Cardinal Care: Getting Started

Understand that cardinals have unique needs and general bird feeders won't suffice.

Feeder Fit for a Cardinal

Choose sturdy platform or hopper feeders to accommodate the weight and feeding habits of cardinals.

Feed Variety is Key

Rotate foods like black oil sunflower seeds, berries, and corn to cater to cardinals' diverse diets.

Sheltered Spaces Attract

Cardinals prefer feeding in shady, forest-like environments for safety and comfort.

Hopper Feeders: Cardinals' Choice

Invest in a hopper feeder to protect birdseed from rain and offer cardinals a secure place to eat.

The Cardinal Menu

Provide a mix of seeds, berries, and peanut butter to keep these songbirds coming back for more.

Suet Delights in Winter

Suet feeders filled with fat help cardinals stay warm during the colder months.

Water Source for Winged Guests

A birdbath provides essential hydration and relief, especially in summer.

Safe and Cozy Nesting

Create a conducive environment for nesting with natural materials and dense foliage.

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