Colorado's Sky Predators: The Majestic Falcons of the Mountain State

The American Kestrel: A Birders' Gem

Encounter the stunning American kestrel, a colorful inspiration for artists and birdwatchers alike in Colorado.

Prairie Falcon: The Overlooked Hunter

Admire the prairie falcon's unique mustache marks while exploring a variety of Colorado's landscapes.

Peregrine Falcon: The Speedy Sky Master

Marvel at the peregrine falcon, a global bird known for its remarkable speed, during Colorado's migration seasons.

Gyrfalcon: The Noble Giant

Keep an eye out for the imposing gyrfalcon, the largest of the falcon family, with its rich medieval falconry history.

Merlin: The Winter Wanderer

Witness the elegant Merlin falcon in Colorado, a rarer sight with a distinctive migratory behavior.

Crested Caracara: The Eccentric Scavenger

Stay on the lookout for the unique crested caracara, whose rare sightings add excitement to Colorado birding.

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Join us on a feathery adventure and discover the hidden treasures of Colorado's birding paradise.