Gladioli: The Sword-Like Blossoms Adored by Hummingbirds

What Are Gladioli?

Gladioli are a diverse genus with around 300 species, often called 'sword lilies' due to their tall, slender spikes.

Nectar-Rich Nutrition

Hummingbirds are drawn to gladioli for their abundant nectar, a critical energy source for these high-metabolism birds.

Perfect Flower Form

The tubular shape of gladiolus flowers is ideally suited to the feeding habits of long-billed hummingbirds.

At the Right Height

Gladiolus spikes provide flowers at a safe height, making them more attractive and visible to hummingbirds.

Vibrant Colors Matter

While red is a hummingbird favorite, it's the nectar quantity, not color, that's most important for attracting these birds.

Growing Gladioli

Gladioli are easy to grow from corms and prefer well-drained soil and sunny spots, blooming in about 90 days.

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