Winged Jewels of Georgia: Uncovering the State's Finch Variety

The Iconic California Quail

Meet the state's robust avian mascot with its striking tuft and speckled feathers.

The Exclusive Island Scrub-Jay

Spot the rich blue Island scrub-jay, a species unique to Santa Cruz Island.

A Rarity in the Golden State: The Brambling

Witness the vibrant Brambling, a rare visitor that brought excitement to California birdwatchers.

The Evening Grosbeak's Celebrity Appearance

Look out for the bold and stocky Evening Grosbeak, a sporadic but captivating visitor of Northern California.

The Uncommon Sight: Common Rosefinch

Keep an eye out for the striking Common Rosefinch, a rarity in California's birding scene.

The Finch Chorus: Pine and Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finch

Enjoy the melodic warbles of the Pine Grosbeak and the elusive calls of the Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finch.

Finch Diversity: From Houses to Mountains

Observe the House Finch's resilience, the Purple Finch's blush, and the high-altitude Black Rosy-Finch.

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