Idaho's Winged Wonders: A Birder's Guide to the State's Charming Finches

House Finch: The Common Beauty

House finches are the most often observed finches in Idaho, with their vivid red hues and friendly nature.

American Goldfinch: A Gleaming Visitor

Spot the American Goldfinch in Idaho, transitioning from brilliant yellow in summer to grayish tones in winter.

Pine Siskin: The Nomadic Bird

Look for the Pine Siskin’s streaky gray plumage and listen for their metallic calls as they roam Idaho’s skies.

Lesser Goldfinch: The Rising Star

The Lesser Goldfinch, originally a rare sight, now graces both summer and winter landscapes of Idaho.

Cassin’s Finch: High Elevation Specialist

Cassin’s Finch prefers Idaho’s mountainous regions and showcases a unique white belly contrasting with rosy hues.

Evening Grosbeak: The Impressive Rarity

Although not commonly seen, the Evening Grosbeak’s striking appearance makes it a sought-after sight in Idaho.

Cassia Crossbill: Idaho's Exclusive

Meet the Cassia Crossbill, a species unique to Idaho, thriving amidst the lodgepole pines of Cassia County.

The Rosy-Finches: Idaho's Winter Gems

Discover the Gray-crowned and Black Rosy-Finches, adding splashes of color to Idaho's winter backdrop.

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