Feathered Treasures: Unveiling the Finches of Kansas

American Goldfinch: Kansas' Golden Bird

Admire the vibrant transformation of American Goldfinches in Kansas as they don stunning gold breeding plumage.

House Finch: A Charming Newcomer

Observe the relatively new but rapidly popular House Finch, now commonly seen across Kansas.

Purple Finch: The Raspberry-Hued Visitor

Spot the berry-colored Purple Finch during its winter stay in Kansas before it heads north to breed.

Pine Siskin: A Nomadic Wanderer

Listen for the chatter of Pine Siskins as they make their unpredictable visits to Kansas.

Red Crossbill: The Elusive Beauty

Keep an eye out for the rare Red Crossbill, a colorful and playful visitor in the Kansas winter.

Cassin's Finch and Pine Grosbeak: The Rockies' Residents

Catch a glimpse of the elusive Cassin's Finch and the impressive Pine Grosbeak if you're lucky during the Kansas winter.

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