2024 Hummingbird Migration: Unveiling Their U.S. Arrival Schedule

The Grand Arrival of Hummingbirds

Anticipate the return of hummingbirds to North America, with some regions seeing them as early as March.

Mapping Hummingbird Migrations

Discover the migration patterns of hummingbirds across the U.S. and prepare for their arrival.

State-Specific Arrival Times

Each state welcomes hummingbirds based on a specific schedule, starting as early as February in some.

The Long Journey North

Marvel at the distances hummingbirds travel, with some species migrating thousands of miles annually.

Hummingbirds' Regional Itineraries

Learn the expected arrival times of hummingbirds in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West regions of the U.S.

Northeast Welcomes Spring Guests

Northeastern states begin seeing hummingbirds in April, with Pennsylvania spotting them first.

Southeast's Early Bird Spectacle

Southeastern states, closer to wintering grounds, see hummingbird migrations starting in early March.

Midwest's Migratory Wave

Midwestern states expect hummingbird arrivals from early April, varying by location.

Southwest's Diverse Visitors

By April, the Southwest is abuzz with various hummingbird species, showcasing great diversity.

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