Mysterious Migrants: Arizona's 2024 Hummingbird Arrival Unveiled

Arizona's Hummingbird Season Is Here

Arizona is a prime location to see over 15 migrating hummingbird species each year.

April Showers Bring Hummingbirds

Starting in April, the migratory hummingbirds make their grand entrance into Arizona.

Monsoon Magic for Hummingbirds

The Southwestern Monsoon in summer invites a diverse range of hummingbird species to Arizona.

First to Arrive: The Male Hummingbirds

Male hummingbirds lead the migration, arriving first to establish territories before the females join.

Hummingbirds: Individual Travelers

Hummingbirds migrate solo, dotting the Arizona landscape throughout spring and summer.

Year-Round Residents and Early Arrivals

Some species, like Anna's hummingbird, are Arizona's year-round residents, with early migrants arriving in winter.

Feeder Time: March Magic

Place your hummingbird feeders out in mid-March to welcome the first of the migrating flock.

November Nectar Farewell

Continue to provide for migrants and residents alike until the main migration concludes in October.

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