Alaska's Hummingbird Mystery: Unveiling Their 2024 Journey

Alaska's Aerial Arrivals

The Rufous hummingbird, a long-distance migrant, arrives in Alaska between March and April.

The Breeding Season

After their arrival, Rufous hummingbirds breed and nest in Alaska, with activities peaking around June.

Rare and Remarkable Routes

While common, the Rufous hummingbird's migration route to Alaska remains a spellbinding mystery.

Prime Viewing Hotspots

The Chugach and Tongass are Alaska's prime hummingbird breeding habitats, with several key ecoregions for sightings.

Timely Gardening for Hummingbirds

Plant native species like Fireweed and Nootka lupine to offer essential nectar for these energetic pollinators.

Water Features Attract

Installing water features can attract hummingbirds, who are drawn to the sound and sight of running water.

Feeder Forethought

Place feeders by early March in southern Alaska to welcome the weary voyagers upon arrival.

Summer's End Signals Departure

Males depart soon after the fledglings leave the nest, with females and young following by early August.

Support the Stragglers

Keep feeders up for a couple of weeks after the last sighting to help late migrators on their southbound journey.

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