2024 Sneak Peek: Hummingbird Arrival Secrets in Arkansas Revealed!

Arkansas' Hummingbird Season Begins

The Ruby-throated hummingbird's arrival kicks off from mid-March in Arkansas.

A Hummingbird Garden Year-Round

Increasingly, some hummingbirds are calling Arkansas home throughout the entire year.

Identifying Arkansas' Feathered Guests

The Ruby-throated hummingbird is Arkansas's mainstay, with the Rufous and Calliope also making appearances.

Migration Patterns in Flux

While most Ruby-throated hummingbirds depart by late October, some now overwinter in Arkansas.

Creating a Hummingbird Paradise

Enhance your garden organically with native plants and shelters to attract hummingbirds in Arkansas.

Regional Garden Planning

Choose the right plants for your part of Arkansas, from prairie blooms in the east to forest under-stories in timberlands.

Feeder Timing is Key

Install hummingbird feeders by mid-March to cater to early migrants and possibly maintain them year-round.

Observing the Departure

Typically, Ruby-throated hummingbirds start leaving Arkansas in mid-August, with the last leaving by late October.

Feeder Farewell Strategy

Keep feeders up for two weeks after the last hummingbird sighting to support stragglers.

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