Hummingbird Season 2024: When Will They Zip Back to California?

Marvelous Migrants

Find out when the migratory hummingbirds make their grand entrance into California each year.

Year-Round Feathered Friends

Meet the three species of hummingbirds that call California home all year long.

A Staggered Arrival

Understand how hummingbirds stagger their arrival over several months during migration.

Male Pioneers

Learn why male hummingbirds land in California before the females.

Climate Impact on Migration

Discover how climate change is disrupting the timely appearance of hummingbirds' food sources.

Setting the Table Early

Find out the best time to put out hummingbird feeders in preparation for their arrival.

Seasonal Goodbyes

Learn when it's appropriate to take down your feeders as hummingbirds depart California.

Flower Power

Attract more hummingbirds with these native California plants that are rich in nectar.

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