Mysteries of Migration: When Will Hummingbirds Grace Hawaii's Shores?

Hawaii's Unique Ecosystem

Discover why Hawaii's lush environment is unlike any other in the U.S., fostering a distinct array of wildlife.

The Hummingbird Mystery

Learn why, despite their incredible abilities, hummingbirds haven't made Hawaii their home.

Hawaii's Protective Measures

Understand why Hawaii deliberately avoids introducing hummingbirds to protect its delicate ecological balance.

The Pineapple Pollination Problem

Find out how the introduction of hummingbirds could disrupt Hawaii's vital pineapple industry.

The Hummingbird Moth

Spot a look-alike: Meet Hawaii's hummingbird moth that flutters from April to August, mimicking the real thing.

Hawaiian Honeycreepers

Get introduced to the unique Hawaiian honeycreepers, the nectar-feeding birds that fill the hummingbird's role.

The Scarlet Honeycreeper

Witness the beauty of the scarlet honeycreeper, a native bird with a striking resemblance to mainland hummingbirds.

Altitudinal Migration

Explore how the scarlet honeycreeper's seasonal movements in Hawaii mirror hummingbird migration patterns on the mainland.

Supporting Native Pollinators

Discover how planting native Hawaiian flora can help preserve the islands' unique pollinator species.

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