Illinois' Whirring Wings: Anticipating Hummingbird Arrivals 2024

Illinois Awaits the Hummers

Prepare for the Ruby-throated hummingbirds' arrival at the beginning of May in Illinois.

A Flight of Solitude

Hummingbirds migrate individually, with males leading the journey to claim territories.

From South to North

Follow the wave of hummingbirds as they spread across Illinois throughout May.

Chicago's Unexpected Guests

Rare hummingbirds like Rufous may surprise birdwatchers in the Chicago area during winter.

Early Feeders Spark Memories

Set out feeders in mid-April to welcome hummingbirds with their impressive memory for food spots.

Flora for the Tiny Fliers

Entice hummingbirds with Illinois-native plants like Cardinal Flower and Trumpet Vine.

Migration Signals

Don’t worry about feeders delaying migration; hummingbirds know when it’s time to travel.

Time to Say Goodbye

Expect to bid farewell to hummingbirds and remove feeders by early October.

Woodland Nests in Cook County

Ruby-throated hummingbirds prefer the canopy of Cook County's woodlands for nesting.

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