Indiana's Hummingbird Countdown: The 2024 Migration Mystery

Hoosier Hummers on Horizon

Get set for the Ruby-throated hummingbirds to start arriving in Indiana at the beginning of April.

Solo Sojourners Sweep Northward

Solo traveling hummingbirds, with males leading the way, will gradually populate Indiana.

A State-Wide Welcoming

From south to north, Indiana sees the sequential arrival of these tiny travelers through April.

A Year-Round Affair

Not all hummingbirds leave; some Ruby-throated residents call Indiana their permanent home.

Feeder Time: Mid-March

Prepare for early arrivals by setting out hummingbird feeders in Indiana by mid-March.

Flowers for Tiny Flutterers

Plant native flowers like Ohio Buckeye and Trumpet Honeysuckle to attract hummingbirds.

Migration Completion

Expect all migrating hummingbirds to have departed Indiana by mid-November.

Winter Feeders Welcome

Consider leaving feeders out year-round to support any hummingbirds overwintering in Indiana.

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