Fluttering Back: Kansas's 2024 Hummingbird Migration Watch

Anticipating the Arrival

Expect the Ruby-throated hummingbirds in Kansas by mid-April, with males leading the way.

Vibrant Visitors

The Ruby-throated hummingbird, with its signature crimson neck and emerald back, is the star among Kansas's eight visiting species.

Migration Marvels

These tiny travelers cross 500 miles over the Gulf of Mexico to reach Kansas's blooming landscapes.

Nesting Nuances

Upon arrival, hummingbirds swiftly build nests to commence the breeding season, with males arriving first.

Weather's Whims

Slight shifts in weather patterns affect migration timing, yet mid-April remains a reliable window for their return.

Creating a Haven

Plant native, tubular flowers like columbines and bee balms to invite hummingbirds into your garden.

The Insect Connection

Embrace insects in your garden – essential for the hummingbird diet, especially for hatchling growth.

Feeding Time

Supplement natural nectar with hummingbird feeders during peak migration times in early April and fall.

Season’s End

The males depart in July, with females and juveniles trailing by August, leaving Kansas by September.

Keep Feeders Out

Leave your feeders up until November or until you haven't seen hummingbirds for two weeks, aiding any late travelers.

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